Thursday, December 1, 2011

Real Time Commentary: The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl Episode 11

I did not expect it to go down like THIS!!!! Can't wait to hear what you all thought.  Here are my thoughts in real time:

    1. I need her to forgive Jay. Seriously. He's been stellar up until Halloween night. He should at least have a chance to explain.
    2. Besties before testies! HAAAA!
    3. I never quite understood how women can call each other “bitches”. I can't call you something in love that I'd punch someone else in the face over.
    4. I need J's Soul Glow t-shirt and I need it now.
    5. How do you go back to Fred when Fred hasn't said word one about checking for you? I know they say actions speak louder than words but can he say SOMETHING?
    6. Why do we always blame ourselves when men screw up?
    7. J's wig just took me in.
    8. NOOOOO! She will not freestyle in this playground cypher! NOOOOOO!!!!!
    9. NOOOOOOO!!! Car pool with you to school nooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I am in pain!!!!
    10. I would transfer to another school in another state.
    11. “For his hand in booage.” ABG has some of the best one liners.
    12. Geek IS Gangster. That shirt is so cute.
    13. Wait...did D just tell the girl he was talking to on the phone that J was his boy Reggie? He's the worst.
    14. “But penguins don't even fly!' Favorite line so far.
    15. Yes we get to find out what happened with A!
    16. Dead at 6:28. I cannot. CAN-NOT.
    17. “Girl are you gay now?” I remember I got asked this the first time I went natural. And “When did you catch cancer?” CATCH cancer? Nina is the devil.
    18. Loneliness and free booze most often leads to disaster.  Please remember this at your next office Christmas party.
    19. J does not do well at parties.
    20. I told yall A was fine! I told yall A was fine!!!! Please recognize!!!!!
    21. They are really umm... “free” at their office parties, aren't they?
    22. Uh oh. Uh oh. We aren't about to see this are we? Please no sex scene. Lord help.
    23. “Who knows what that back story is” Smartest thing Ce Ce has said during this entire episode.
    24. PICK UP! Please talk to White Jay. Please. Is Jay participating in Movember because his beard is doing a lot right now.
    25. Did he just force himself over there? I like a man that takes charge. And he's bringing cupcakes? Yall already know. Team White Jay for the win. It's a wrap.
    26. Why did they just show up at her spot like someone died? If Fred is about to holler at J why is Darrius with him? Is he the wing man? What is this high school? “Yo my man wanna holler at you right quick.” I can't.
    27. Ok he had car trouble. He came over there by any means necessary didn't he? Again, Jay is bringing cupcakes so...
    28. “I like you. I have for a long time.” Wait...wait...wait....Wait.
    29. Why is Darrius so close to their conversation? This is so high school! I CAN'T with Fred! I mean, I could but...never mind. Just... never mind.
    30. Aaaaaaand of course here comes White Jay.  If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times: Cupcakes, I mean chemistry wins over cuteness any day of the week. I am still Team White Jay until A gets some swagger lessons.

      Ok guys. What did yall think of ABG episode 11?


mgraves said...

i liked the 3 seconds where we got to hear A's real voice. And i'm over pointlessly trying to raise the already maxed out computer volume every time Darrius speaks. The playground rap SLAYED me. And in what episode will Nina get hit by a city bus? after her halloween stunts, i'm ready to see her get a nice big gutbuster promotion and move away. :)

Niki said...

Glad Fred finally spoke up and said something BUT I wanna know what took him so long!

The flashbacks had me cracking up! Funny how Urkel turns into Idris Elba when free booze is involved! LOL

White Jay and his cupcakes warmed my heart! I like the fact that he wanted to make things right and was going to make sure he said his piece (whilst bringing along baked goods!)

I need a dilemma like this in my life!

Anonymous said...

I was definitely taken aback when I saw the real A. That man is sexy! Forget Fred and White Jay. And "I got the ill na na no foxy!" was my favorite line of the whole episode. That rap was sooo horrible that it was like watching a train wreck! CeCe was a great therapist. And D was a complete ass for blatantly lying to J in her face. And the cliffhanger killed me. January 12 has to come now!

Danielle said...

I really liked this episode! I've never found A to be attractive. He has pretty eyes though.

I'm still team White Jay! Bringing cupcakes to apologize has definitely won me over.

J's rap was HILARIOUS. She just walked into the cypher like she was really about to do something and it just totally failed lol.

Fred..tsk tsk! He took way to long to say how he felt.

Brina said...

Loved this episode, the writing was at its usual best. Truly felt J's pain with the school yard rap and at the Christmas party.

I was dying when Darius pointed at the cupcakes at 12:42. I feel him. In the midst of drama, the real question is - what's going on with the baked goods?

deevinej23 said...

I still want J to give White J a chance. Watch her end up with neither. It was definitely one of the top 3 episodes of the series so far. I can't accept that the season will be over in January. Hopefully it will return by the summer. A is definitely fine in real life. Patti was messed up with asking if she's gay cuz of having short hair. Nina needed to get that special punch dumped on her hair.

Anonymous said...

I loved how they were cutting between the J's drunken haze at the party with A and reality....hahaha funny stuff!

The end was killing's like they lead you to where you think there is a resolution and then KAPOW!!! Torn between two lovers feeling like a that how the song goes...I cannot WAIT for 2012 to come so I can see what's next. THANKS ABG for leaving us craving for more....I'm an addict....ahhhhhh! ;)

Alexis said...

Okay so I've watched this a million times and while I appreciate White Jay and the Angry Birds Cupcakes, I'm rollin with #TeamA now haha.

Bonus! While Delores is dancing, Boss Lady keeps saying "Too legit to quit!" How did I just notice this?! Hilarious!! Can't wait for the next episode!

Anonymous said...