Friday, December 23, 2011

Home- Toya

"No Toya, you don't know them."

That's what I had to tell myself while I was sitting at in a South Philly coffee shop today.  I just kept looking over at the door hoping to see someone I know.  It's the second day of my two week vacation and I must say that I miss Nashville terribly.  I mean, TERRIBLY.  I just don't know too many people here anymore.  I miss going somewhere and seeing familiar faces.  I miss my friends.  The only thing I am loving about Philly right now is that I can do all the walking I want to do.

Side bar: Am I the only one who when they haven't exercised in a long time gets itchy legs?  I have been walking city blocks for hours and mid-way through I wanted to go into a scratching frenzy but was afraid that I would fall to the ground and roll myself into traffic.

Anyway, I am sure everyone here is very nice but I don't like any of these people in here.  Ok that's not true.  I don't know anyone in here. Everyone I have interacted with has been quite nice (take that southerners who think us northerners are all mean). But man. I really hate it here today and I want to go home.  And that home for me is Nashville.

I am sure this puts some cold water on my hopes of eventually doing some travel writing.  I kept trying to take pictures with my new camera but I was so annoyed half of the time.  I tried to go to new places that I found suggested through Yelp and Foursquare but I eventually wound up back at my old hang spot, South Street.  Still, it has been no fun today.  Maybe it's because it hasn't really been busy down here.  I mean I did get started rather early today and some people are still at work.  I'm usually elated to come down here but not today.  Today I miss my home and today I can fully admit that my home is Nashville.

I have never been so happy to be around my parents in my life though.  I am sure I would be much happier today just hanging out with them.  Yesterday I helped my mom cater at my home church's Christmas party.  It was fantastic seeing so many women that I grew up knowing.  After that my dad and I watched Chopped for a few hours.  He's not a fan but when I am home my dad will watch anything I want to just to spend time with me.  I miss that.  But honestly, I think being around my family and walking city blocks are the only things about being back home that I miss.

My plan today was to go and sit and write but it's been so long that I've been in a big city that I chose to just walk most of the day.  I'm thinking about venturing into University City soon because I said that I would go somewhere new.  Might as well. I have two long weeks here to fill. Gratefully, I must add, but two long weeks nevertheless.

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