Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You Should Know: Chelsea Settles - Tia


Normally our "You Should Know" posts are music related but I absolutely love this girl and feels that she more than qualifies for a "You Should Know" segment. 

I stopped watching MTV for multiple reasons. I stumbled out of their target demographic about a decade ago. That was painfully evident by my complete disinterest in EVERYTHING that was on the channel. And when they stopped faking the funk earlier this year and officially dropped "music television" from their logo I was pretty much convinced that my relationship with them was officially dead.

But somehow, almost as if by magic, MTV has managed to hook me with their new show Chelsea Settles. And of all things, it's a reality show. Aside: unless it's about cooking or sewing, I usually don't get into reality shows. Mostly because I feel they lack a key component: REALITY.

I found Chelsea Settles by accident. I was working on a mundane, monotonous project for work and needed something to break up the repetition of it all. I figured Law&Order would be on somewhere, because it ALWAYS is, and that would help get me through the day. As the television in my office is not connected to a DVR, I had to actually click through all of the stations. I stopped on a show with a beautiful girl being harassed by what appeared to be a group of very drunk a-holes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was completely enraptured by what was happening. Who was this girl? Why was she being followed by these d-bags? Why is this on MTV? Shouldn't they be playing something about someone fake/plastic/offensively Italian/over sexualized? This show looked like legitimate social commentary. I had to find out what this was.

The show follows recent fashion school graduate Chelsea Settles as she decides to leave everything behind to chase after the things she wants in life. I was instantaneously hooked. MTV was running all of the current episodes the day I discovered the show so I found myself taking an early lunch and settling in to watch the trials and tribulations of a wonderful girl with real life struggles. I cheered for her from the very beginning. You just want this girl to succeed at everything. From her weight loss journey to making the decision to leave her ailing mother in order to pursue her dreams on the other side of the country, you can't help but think, "GO CHELSEA!"

Somehow MTV managed to do reality in a relatable way. This girl is real. She's not rich. She's not clothes hanger thin. She has issues just like the rest of us. But she's gorgeous. She's lovable. And most endearingly, she's a fighter. She made me remember why I moved to LA. She made me remember that even in the face of multiple failures, there is still something to be had by pursuing your dreams. Everything in me wants this girl to win. not your DVR/Tivo/Computer and make sure you're watching every episode of Chelsea Settles. It's one of the few things that television gets right.


Anonymous said...

I love chelsea settles! shes from pittsburgh like me lol. shes really just a sweet person and it was a break from the " real world" and "16 & pregnant" crap. As a younger person she is definately relatable (older people can relate too) and an inspiration. I wish the show would get more popular though:/

Danielle said...

I'm sold! I will tivo this immediately.

Niki said...

I love her too! She brings out all my "big sister"-ly emotions (which is strange, because I am the youngest in my family) and I want to reach into the TV and give her a hug and tell her that it does, in fact, get better.

She has an infectious smile, beautiful eyes, and a sweet demeanor. She is kind of like the young, black version of "Ruby" (another one of my faves). I hope this show gets the shine it deserves!