Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We Miss You Heavy D- Toya

"Got a category; my own and I'm the president"
It hurts me to write this. It really does.

When I was in high school I had a picture of Heavy D on a keychain. I had pictures of him in my locker. I had a Heavy D & the Boyz t-shirt I wore until it fell apart. What's crazy is I had forgotten all of this until yesterday when I heard that he passed away at only 44 years old. The thing about Heavy D is that he has always been relevant. Reports are coming out talking about him being an old school rapper but there are so many songs that I find to be a part of my regular listening that I often forget that they came out years ago. Songs like "Nuttin' But Love", "Is It Good to You", and his most popular crossover hit "Now That We Found Love" have always been in rotation so to me he just always seemed...current. That's good music for ya.

"There's always a meaning in a Heavy D statement. In this life I strive for improvement, be your own guide, follow your own movement..." - from "We Got Our Own Thang"

Jamaican born Dwight Myers AKA Heavy D accomplished so much in his 44 years. In addition to his successful music career, he at one time was the president of Uptown Records introducing such artists as Soul for Real and Monifah. He was also a successful actor with roles in movies (he had a small role in the newly released movie Tower Heist with Eddie Murphy), Broadway, and television. I will never forget him being on A Different World, his recurring role on Living Single, and of course his theme song for In Living Color.

As condolences pour in all over the world, it's evident that Heavy D was just as great of a guy in real life as he seemed on television. There a few people I know who had interacted with him in the past and all they can say is how friendly and warm of a person he was. As the self proclaimed Overweight Lover, his songs set the precedence for talking about love and romance in a way that a gentleman should. This is something that I wish so many artists today would adopt in their own music. We'll be playing Heavy's songs long after today's flash in the pan sexually explicit songs. That's because Heavy D's music had something for everyone and that's the kind of music that last.

Heavy D was an incredible performer. One of a kind. As untimely as his passing is how grateful are we that we got to see him perform some of his greatest hits one last time on this year's BET Hip Hop awards?  This medley of songs proved without a doubt that he had hits for days.

It's a sad day for hip hop. It's a sad day for music period. We love you Heav.

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