Monday, November 21, 2011

Toya's 2011 American Music Awards Recap

After the BETand MTV awards this year, I really wasn't sure if I would ever do an awards recap again.  However watching this year's AMA awards with my peeps on Twitter was really enjoyable.  Without further ado, here's my real time commentary of this year's American Music Awards.
  1. Is anyone old enough to remember Lionel Richie on the AMA's in the 80's? "OUTRAGEOUS!" 
  2. Wait...Nicki Minaj sings????? I honestly did not hate Nicki's performance.  It was....different.  I have resolved that I have reached the age where I am now extremely nostalgiac (read:old).  I'm just not going to get why a lot of thngs are popular right now, such as the space age theme that permeated a lot of performances.  So this bionic Barbie thing may be cool. I'm just not up on it.
  3. I've never seen any of these videos for these nominees and I don't know any LMFAO songs. I am so behind.  Dad please don't ask me what LMFAO stands for. Please.
  4. Adam Levine makes me so happy. Incredibly happy. So does his tailor. 
  5. I may/may not have just thought that Sean Kingston was Keenan Thompson. 
  6. Justin Bieber's performance:  Wait...did I just start *body rollin* to this Christmas song? Lord forgive me.  Let me put on my Simon Cowell of the South hat on for a minute and say that while I love me some Bieber, that set was too much for that boring performance. Beyonce' did more during her performance on the VMA's and she was pregnant.  He should've just done a ballad. I really really thought that he was going to transition into something else.  My girl Jen said that he missed a perfect opportunity to go into "Billie Jean".  That would have been AWESOME! But since he denies that he and that girl actually "danced on the floor in a around"...well, maybe that would've been a problem. 
  7. Adam Lambert has guts being at the AMAs after last time. I'd be at home putting up Christmas decorations. 
  8. I loved Chris Brown's performance of "All Back" so much that I was hoping he wouldn't transition to another song.  However when he took it to the club, I loved it!  He sang!  This is the Chris Brown I like to see.  
  9. Nicki Minaj's win: I'm not going to talk about her needing assistance to walk from side stage to the podium because of her shoes.  I've often had 20/20 hindsight over bad wardrobe choices.  But did she say "There's power in your peace. Hold your peace" or was that last peace "piece"? Did she just quote Madea?
  10. Kelly Clarkson:  Kelly Clarkson sounds and looks great! I don't care what anyone says.  I need her and Adele to go on tour together. I can see it now. The "Yes We Eat...And???" 2012 Tour coming to an arena near you.  
  11. I am clearly out of touch.  I have no idea who these actors and actresses presenting are. 
  12. Enrique Inglesias: "I Like It" & "I Like How It Feels"? What DOESN'T Enrique Inglesias like this year? I sense a theme. Has anyone ever heard the uncensored version of this? It is in NO way appropriate for this kids choir he has on stage with him. 
  13. I love that Ludacris doesn't dress "like a rapper" anymore. He kinda looks like a night school teacher.
  14. This AMA Divas recap is making me a little teary especially this clip of Whitney singing "I Have Nothing".  Not teary enough to not clown it though.  BOBBAY!!!!!
  15. I am really really REALLY unhappy with what flies as R&B nowadays.  Rihanna won for best R&B Soul Album.  Really?  And did anyone else notice how they slick didn't show them present the award for Best Contemporary Inspirational Artist award.  I just found out that Casting Crowns won it.  What's up with that?
  16. J Lo's performance:  First of all, I like how J Lo acted like she was gonna cry on stage again. That was funny.  However when did they start putting commercials on the ACTUAL award show? Did she just show up in a Fiat?  Are they gonna show her driving to Kohl's in that Fiat next??????!!!! I really expected the announcer to say "This performance was brought to you by Kohl's and Fiat" after this. Holy product placement Batman!
  17. I am so glad that Lance Bass found a career with Lady Antebellum after Nsync. Wait... 
  18. Yes Benjamin Bratt. Yes. That is grown man swag right there!  Wait did I just say the word "swag"?  
  19. Zumba was the best thing to ever happen to Pitbull's career. Everything has its season. 
  20. I like Katy Perry.  Melanie said she looks like a pink Judy Jetson! She is right. LOL! That shoutout to EMI took me out of here too. 
  21. I love that Joe Jonas just flipped that Sprint mobile phone around to show the winner. Yall are NOT going to Tiffany Greene him this year.
  22. I'm just waiting for that kid from Hot Chelle Rae's hair to be a trending topic on Twitter.  Someone here just said he looks like he just got side punched in slow motion. 
  23.  ALANIS MORRISETTE!!!!!! This is a nice surprise.  I think it's interesting that she is there introducing Mary J. Blige because I often compare their work.  I feel the same way about Alanis that I feel about Mary. I'm glad they're happier but I like the sad music better.
  24. Robin Thicke is blessed and HIGHLY favored! Yeah God! Perfect are the works of your hands! And that girl presenting with him is NOT Christina Aguileira???? 
  25. Go on and add Christina Aguileira to that Adele and Kelly Clarkson tour. I aint mad atcha!
  26. Love that Adam Levine did both "Moves Like Jagger" and one of my favorite current songs "Stereo" with Gym Class Heroes.  That song is so infectious.
  27. John Legend dresses so well.  He always looks great.  
  28. Drake is my favorite emo rapper.  Ok he is the only emo rapper. Still he's my favorite emo rapper.
  29. YEESSSS!!!!!!!!!! I just said I wanted Bruno Mars to win but thought he wouldn't. YEEEAAAAAH! He is givng me Johnny Mathis 2011 right now and it is blessing my socks off.
  30. I like Daughtry. I have an appreciation for raw emotion white boy angst music from time to time. Not you Nickelback though. Not you.
  31. I love that they play "Mean" for Taylors Swift when she wins. I am not ashamed to say that I saw one of her shows recently and I had a BLAST! I'm a fan for real.  Wait a minute.  Did Taylor just say that she wrote that whole record by herself? Let me hold somethin' until paydayTaylor! I know you got it!
  32. Will. I. Am's performance: J. Lo is in this too? Are these outfits from the Battlestar Galactica collection from Kohl's? Because that would explain...some.
  33. I love Taylor Swift. I really do. She is just as surprised she won as everyone else is.  Brandon just said that she is that Jessica Daily Affirmation girl off of Youtube all grown up. "I love my hair, I love my house, I love my school...I can do anything good!"
  34. The announcer just said that LMFAO's performance is"Sponsored by Old Navy".  What is going on tonight?
  35. So THIS is LMFAO and the famous "Party Rock" song.  I kept saying that I had never heard it.  Now I realize that I have been avoiding it as I do most songs that sound like this. However, it's not terrible.  Justin Bieber coming out just cracked me up. Wait...Sir...please...please keep your clothes on. Sir...SIR??????  This whole performance just turned into a bad, bad, BAD dream.
So the floor is open. What did you think of the awards this year?


Anne Marie said...

I STILL say OUTRAGEOUS hoping someone will get it

Danielle said...

I didn't watch the awards but your comment about Ludacris was so funny lol!! I'm off to find a pic of him so I can see his night teacher look.

Lei said...

I love your comments so much, please don't stop. I haven't watched an awards show in forever, but always feel like I have after reading what you have to say. They just haven't been the same since the 90's. When NKOTB came out and did "Games" and took it to the streets! LOL