Monday, November 28, 2011

A Letter to Mr. Same Guy on a Different Day

For a friend...or two

Dear Mr. Same Guy on a Different Day,
Before you say anything else please know that we've already met.
You've never officially met ME but I already know YOU.
Not in the "Footprints in the sand, my child I carried you" kind of way.
I've just seen your kind before.
The insecure good looking superstar kind of guy who constantly needs to hear how good he is?
The guy who looks deep into your eyes not because he is really listening to you but because he is vain enough to actually look for his reflection in your eyes while you are talking?
It's kind of funny making your acquaintance again.
I thought you all moved out west. 

Although I didn't recognize you upon sight
I knew when you slid your arm around me exactly who you were.
Your hands all seem to gravitate to the same spot on my waist. 
And I'd be a complete liar if I didn't admit in my best Beyonce' voice that
"Your touch was driving me CRAZAY!"
Until I caught a good whiff of that subtle cologne you all wear
False Humility...for Men.
"For the man that always needs to hear that he is good enough
That he is smart enough
And daggone it people like him!"
Come on now.
We both know you wouldn't be in this town if you were convinced otherwise.

There's a small part of me that wants to be friends 
But you know how the saying goes:
"Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Fool me three times, come on Toya, for real?"

So before you get around to attempting to spend just enough time to get to know me so you can eventually take up all of my time asking me repeatedly what I think about you;
Before you start to confuse your lust for my constant affirmation for actual love;
Allow me to read off of my list of pre-programmed answers to your inevitable repetitious questions:
"You're awesome!"
"You're SO talented."
"Everyone has a bad night."
"I have no idea why you're not signed yet.  You are TOTALLY better than that guy."
"Of course you have what it takes."
"You're going to make it someday." 
"I believe in you."
If you'd like you can take this list and turn these answers into motivational flash cards 
Because I won't be around this time.

But it was nice seeing you again meeting you.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Toya's 2011 American Music Awards Recap

After the BETand MTV awards this year, I really wasn't sure if I would ever do an awards recap again.  However watching this year's AMA awards with my peeps on Twitter was really enjoyable.  Without further ado, here's my real time commentary of this year's American Music Awards.
  1. Is anyone old enough to remember Lionel Richie on the AMA's in the 80's? "OUTRAGEOUS!" 
  2. Wait...Nicki Minaj sings????? I honestly did not hate Nicki's performance.  It was....different.  I have resolved that I have reached the age where I am now extremely nostalgiac (read:old).  I'm just not going to get why a lot of thngs are popular right now, such as the space age theme that permeated a lot of performances.  So this bionic Barbie thing may be cool. I'm just not up on it.
  3. I've never seen any of these videos for these nominees and I don't know any LMFAO songs. I am so behind.  Dad please don't ask me what LMFAO stands for. Please.
  4. Adam Levine makes me so happy. Incredibly happy. So does his tailor. 
  5. I may/may not have just thought that Sean Kingston was Keenan Thompson. 
  6. Justin Bieber's performance:  Wait...did I just start *body rollin* to this Christmas song? Lord forgive me.  Let me put on my Simon Cowell of the South hat on for a minute and say that while I love me some Bieber, that set was too much for that boring performance. Beyonce' did more during her performance on the VMA's and she was pregnant.  He should've just done a ballad. I really really thought that he was going to transition into something else.  My girl Jen said that he missed a perfect opportunity to go into "Billie Jean".  That would have been AWESOME! But since he denies that he and that girl actually "danced on the floor in a around"...well, maybe that would've been a problem. 
  7. Adam Lambert has guts being at the AMAs after last time. I'd be at home putting up Christmas decorations. 
  8. I loved Chris Brown's performance of "All Back" so much that I was hoping he wouldn't transition to another song.  However when he took it to the club, I loved it!  He sang!  This is the Chris Brown I like to see.  
  9. Nicki Minaj's win: I'm not going to talk about her needing assistance to walk from side stage to the podium because of her shoes.  I've often had 20/20 hindsight over bad wardrobe choices.  But did she say "There's power in your peace. Hold your peace" or was that last peace "piece"? Did she just quote Madea?
  10. Kelly Clarkson:  Kelly Clarkson sounds and looks great! I don't care what anyone says.  I need her and Adele to go on tour together. I can see it now. The "Yes We Eat...And???" 2012 Tour coming to an arena near you.  
  11. I am clearly out of touch.  I have no idea who these actors and actresses presenting are. 
  12. Enrique Inglesias: "I Like It" & "I Like How It Feels"? What DOESN'T Enrique Inglesias like this year? I sense a theme. Has anyone ever heard the uncensored version of this? It is in NO way appropriate for this kids choir he has on stage with him. 
  13. I love that Ludacris doesn't dress "like a rapper" anymore. He kinda looks like a night school teacher.
  14. This AMA Divas recap is making me a little teary especially this clip of Whitney singing "I Have Nothing".  Not teary enough to not clown it though.  BOBBAY!!!!!
  15. I am really really REALLY unhappy with what flies as R&B nowadays.  Rihanna won for best R&B Soul Album.  Really?  And did anyone else notice how they slick didn't show them present the award for Best Contemporary Inspirational Artist award.  I just found out that Casting Crowns won it.  What's up with that?
  16. J Lo's performance:  First of all, I like how J Lo acted like she was gonna cry on stage again. That was funny.  However when did they start putting commercials on the ACTUAL award show? Did she just show up in a Fiat?  Are they gonna show her driving to Kohl's in that Fiat next??????!!!! I really expected the announcer to say "This performance was brought to you by Kohl's and Fiat" after this. Holy product placement Batman!
  17. I am so glad that Lance Bass found a career with Lady Antebellum after Nsync. Wait... 
  18. Yes Benjamin Bratt. Yes. That is grown man swag right there!  Wait did I just say the word "swag"?  
  19. Zumba was the best thing to ever happen to Pitbull's career. Everything has its season. 
  20. I like Katy Perry.  Melanie said she looks like a pink Judy Jetson! She is right. LOL! That shoutout to EMI took me out of here too. 
  21. I love that Joe Jonas just flipped that Sprint mobile phone around to show the winner. Yall are NOT going to Tiffany Greene him this year.
  22. I'm just waiting for that kid from Hot Chelle Rae's hair to be a trending topic on Twitter.  Someone here just said he looks like he just got side punched in slow motion. 
  23.  ALANIS MORRISETTE!!!!!! This is a nice surprise.  I think it's interesting that she is there introducing Mary J. Blige because I often compare their work.  I feel the same way about Alanis that I feel about Mary. I'm glad they're happier but I like the sad music better.
  24. Robin Thicke is blessed and HIGHLY favored! Yeah God! Perfect are the works of your hands! And that girl presenting with him is NOT Christina Aguileira???? 
  25. Go on and add Christina Aguileira to that Adele and Kelly Clarkson tour. I aint mad atcha!
  26. Love that Adam Levine did both "Moves Like Jagger" and one of my favorite current songs "Stereo" with Gym Class Heroes.  That song is so infectious.
  27. John Legend dresses so well.  He always looks great.  
  28. Drake is my favorite emo rapper.  Ok he is the only emo rapper. Still he's my favorite emo rapper.
  29. YEESSSS!!!!!!!!!! I just said I wanted Bruno Mars to win but thought he wouldn't. YEEEAAAAAH! He is givng me Johnny Mathis 2011 right now and it is blessing my socks off.
  30. I like Daughtry. I have an appreciation for raw emotion white boy angst music from time to time. Not you Nickelback though. Not you.
  31. I love that they play "Mean" for Taylors Swift when she wins. I am not ashamed to say that I saw one of her shows recently and I had a BLAST! I'm a fan for real.  Wait a minute.  Did Taylor just say that she wrote that whole record by herself? Let me hold somethin' until paydayTaylor! I know you got it!
  32. Will. I. Am's performance: J. Lo is in this too? Are these outfits from the Battlestar Galactica collection from Kohl's? Because that would explain...some.
  33. I love Taylor Swift. I really do. She is just as surprised she won as everyone else is.  Brandon just said that she is that Jessica Daily Affirmation girl off of Youtube all grown up. "I love my hair, I love my house, I love my school...I can do anything good!"
  34. The announcer just said that LMFAO's performance is"Sponsored by Old Navy".  What is going on tonight?
  35. So THIS is LMFAO and the famous "Party Rock" song.  I kept saying that I had never heard it.  Now I realize that I have been avoiding it as I do most songs that sound like this. However, it's not terrible.  Justin Bieber coming out just cracked me up. Wait...Sir...please...please keep your clothes on. Sir...SIR??????  This whole performance just turned into a bad, bad, BAD dream.
So the floor is open. What did you think of the awards this year?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Confessions Of A Road Warrior - Tia

If you've read this blog for any amount of time you know that I travel A LOT. I have something close to half a million Hilton points and a various assortment of miles scattered across several airlines. I'm basically the female version of George Clooney from Up In The Air. 

Up in the Air  |  George Clooney  |  Jason Reitman  |  Vera Farmiga   | Movie Trailer | Review

It makes for a lonely existence at times but I get over it and move on. People often glamorize flying and traveling. At least once a week I hear, "It must be so fun to travel all of the time." I've stopped laughing in people's faces with they say this and simply smile, nod and change the subject (or walk away.) Don't get me wrong, traveling IS fun....when you're going someplace exciting and doing something you love. When you're going to Des Moines to count pills, "fun" is not quite the right word to describe traveling. 

Thanks to the 9/11 terrorists, the shoe bomber dude and smatterings of other nefarious individuals up to no good, flying is not what it used to be. As one who does it a lot, I've pretty much figured out the ropes and can make it as pain free as possible. (That thing George Clooney said about the Asians is TOTALLY true.) But there are times and situations that I can't control. And since I can't control them, I choose to blog about them. It's kind of a passive-aggressive therapy if you will.

I was recently informed that my travel percentage will be increasing in 2012. (Joy...sarcasm) So I'm certain I will need the catharsis of writing a lot more. That being said, I present to you the first of what is sure to be many posts from this weary road warrior.

I'd like to call this one...She Wouldn't SHUT UP!!!

I sleep on planes. There's something about the white noise of the engines and the filtered air (gross, I know) that rocks me right to sleep. Usually I'm asleep well before we take off. I've long since stopped listening to the safety announcements. Depending on the model and make of the plane I can tell you where the exits are, if there is a seat cushion flotation device and/or a life jacket. I can tell you which side of the plane has more oxygen masks (sometimes there are additional masks on certain sides of the plane for people with lap children.) And I can tell you how much the emergency exit door over the wing weighs. Basically I can recite the safety instructions in my sleep. As such, I've long since stopped listening to the flight attendants and started taking naps the minute the person next to me is situated and I know no one else is getting in the row.

Unless I have some pressing deadline, sleeping on the plane is my #1 goal. Yesterday was no different. I had a connection from Pittsburgh to DC and from DC to Nashville. The plan was to sleep on the first leg and work on the second. Some for me. Some for the job. Unfortunately, loud chatty Cathy would not SHUT UP on the Pitt-DC flight.

Toya and I talk about people who have a high frequency to their voices. They're the people who talk a lot with a high, shrill pitch to their tone. Flight Attendant Cathy was the QUEEN of the high frequency talkers. Cathy was based out of Philadelphia. Cathy is not married. Cathy's brother's dog was just sick and she had to pick up the dog from the Amish vet and "SCRUB the dog twice when I got her back because she was so filthy." How do I know all of this about Cathy? Because Cathy is loud and doesn't know how to be quiet.

I heard Cathy before I saw her. As we were waiting to board, she was sitting across the seriously...ACROSS THE ROOM and I heard her talking the ear off of another USAirways employee. Both appeared to be flight attendants flying off to other locations as passengers. My hope upon hearing this loud shrill woman was that she would be no where near me on this Canadair Regional Jet. They are small and cramped as it is and a HF talker is not what I needed in order to commence afternoon nap #1. That being said, OF COURSE Cathy was in the row behind me. But as she was across the aisle I was not immediately concerned. I figured since my seat was not directly in front of her I would be able to drown her our with music and plane noise. Apparently Cathy's decibel is louder than that OF A PLANE.

As we were taxiing (normally the time I'm already asleep) the realization (and horror) that Cathy's voice might inundate its way into my nap began to set in. While I could not hear the woman behind me to which Cathy was speaking, I could hear Cathy in excruciating detail. To put things into perspective, I once woke up to a passenger staring at me in awe. She asked, "How can you sleep through all of that?" I asked her what "all of that" was to which she replied, "The extreme turbulance that caused several grown men to gasp in horror and caused THREE babies to basically scream for their lives!" I looked at her, gave her the Kayne shrug and replied, "I was tired." I SLEEP ON PLANES!! Period. But thanks to Cathy "my voice is louder and more shrill than THREE babies and the cries of scared grown men" my plane nap was in jeopardy.

How DARE she intrude into my sanctuary of napping with mundane stories of Amish practitioners of veterinary medicine and what she DVRed last night. I had a schedule to keep. And that schedule included sleep. I was DETERMINED to drown out this woman's voice. Her voice was not going to beat me.

The row I was in was empty so I moved from my aisle seat to the window seat which happened to be right next to the engine. As anyone who has ever used knows, window seats by the engine are usually put in the cautionary category due to noise. PERFECT. Surely, the engine noise would drown out this woman's voice...SURELY. I leaned against the wall, closed my eyes and prepared to fall into a delicious plane nap.

"So then the dog ran off into the Amish doctor's home and I noticed that they all slept in one room....."

NOOOOOO....there is no way that this chick is LOUDER THAN THE PLANE. There's no way!!! I'm usually not one for physical violence but this woman was giving me delusions of stuffing my scarf into her mouth. My GOD woman!! Take it down a notch.

Now I was just done. Cathy's decibel was almost unforgiveable. How could she not know how LOUD she is? I wanted to get up and tell her to be quiet. I honestly thought about it. But rather than get blacklisted I held my tongue and got creative. Her voice was NOT going to beat me. I put my headphones in and turned on the white noise app. (A MUST for the constant traveler.) I turned up the volume to a safe level (I was not going to risk my hearing for this woman) and then proceeded to pull the cowl of my sweater over my ears and then wrap my scarf around the cowl. I am fully aware of how insane I must have looked. But I was TIRED. And Cathy was loud. I NEEDED that nap. I'd been up at 5 A.M. three mornings in a row. That nap was not only a necessity, it was a right.

I leaned my heavily wrapped head against the wall and was just exhaling a sigh of relief when...

"Dancing with the Stars was SOOO good last week."

OH. EMM. GEE!!!!!! HOW CAN I STILL HEAR YOU?!?!?!?! If you're keeping track this woman's voice is now louder than plane noise, white noise and two layers of clothing. I couldn't believe it. I really couldn't. I wanted to shake her until her larynx fell out. I prayed that she would suddenly be struck mute. I prayed that the cabin pressure would change and my ears would be so clogged I couldn't hear her. I prayed for SILENCE. (insert voice of a petulant child here) I JUST WANT TO SLEEP.

I was so tired. She was so loud. And I knew she wasn't going to get any quieter. At that point I knew I was going to have summon all of my ninja powers of sleep if I was going to best Cathy's incessant chatter. I would not be defeated by a high frequency talker. Nay! I began to channel my inner Luke Skywalker/Yoda/all things The Force and willed myself to tune out what was now a diatribe on her sick mother and her lack of prescription coverage. I was GOING to get that nap. I found myself wondering if I should get the new Harry Potter movie on blu-ray or just stream it from iTunes.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz

I WON!!!!!! IN YOUR FACE CHATTY CATHY!!! I woke up an hour later as the plane was landing in DC. I had beaten her. I'd gotten my nap and proved who was the better person. Okay, that's a bit much but I still won...

As we were deplaning, I threw Cathy the side eye of doom. She'd BETTER not be on the next flight I was on. I don't care who she works for, if she's bringing all of that chatter to the next flight, I'm filing a compliant. (Yes, I'm aware of how extra that seems. And I don't care.)

Helpful Travel Tip #1 - ALWAYS carry ear plugs and/or noise canceling headphones. Someone is going to have volume control issues and ear plugs/headphones are cheaper than the bail amount they give you because you slapped a noisy flier.

Next Up: Everything was fine until I puked on the plane...

Fun Music Fridays: Paula Abdul "Knocked Out"!!!  Yall know how I feel about choreography so when Lakers cheerleader turned choreographer turned singer Paula Abdul hit the scene, I was really feeling her.  As she gained popularity and number one hits, her videos got better and became 80's classics. Still this song that introduced her to the world remains my favorite. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seems Like You're Ready- Toya

Am I the only one that hears the lyrics to R. Kelly's "Seems Like Your Ready" and wonders why there is confusion about what his, umm..."preference" seems to be?  "Seems like you're ready...YOUR MAMA TOLD ME YOU'RE READY" ??? Okay.

This past weekend I went out to celebrate a close friend's birthday at a restaurant.  It was a nice small gathering of fabulous ladies.  As we all signed our separate checks for the evening, I noticed something that I had never noticed before about my signature.  I signed it once and then took my copy of the receipt and signed it again...and again...and again. And frantically with delight, I signed it again.  "Guys, my signature!" I said with joy. "My y's! My y's are different!" (I would post a pic of at least my first name but I am a little scared of putting my signature on The Internets.)  I went on to explain that my cause for joy was due to a handwriting analysis I had years ago. Now mind you this wasn't some weird psychic kind of thing.  I was working an event and a guy I was working with did handwriting analysis for the army. I heard others rave about how he analyzed their handwriting and how accurate he was.  Since we were just standing around waiting for the audience to let out, I figured I'd give it a shot.  I wrote my first and last name in cursive and handed it over to him.

After a few minutes he came back to me and barely able to get the words out, his face turned red and he started laughing.  "Well first of all, someone has a very healthy libido!"  Ok where is this going, I thought. "Your husband is going to be a very happy man."  I'm sure this is very true but... *side eye*. When he finally pulled his giggles together, he got moderately serious.  "Have you had a lot of relationships?"  "Not really. Why?"  He went on to explain that my handwriting, which is ridiculously bubbly, reflected that while I am a joyful person, I only let people get so close.  I had trust issues when it came to my heart.  He could tell of my apprehension about commitment due to how I wrote my y's.  He explained that I completed every other letter with bubbly writing, but the stems of my y's were a short, sharp single line that only came down halfway. 

I took the paper from him and began writing my name all over it desperately wanting to prove him wrong.  I tried over and over again and to no avail, I couldn't change the way I wrote my y's.  I didn't even know how to write the y's in my name any other way!  I could write a y by itself but it took a lot of effort.  The thing was I knew that he was right. He was terribly right. 

But lately things have been different.  As I am more comfortable with who I am and what I want to pursue, I'm not scared to have someone, the right someone, to go along the journey with me.  In fact, I am really looking forward to it.  I am more interested to have someone that compliments me and my purpose than to have someone come along to make right what others made wrong.  Writer Shellie R. Warren said something recently that made all the sense in the world to me:

"Many people pick out of their pain than their purpose."

I've talked before on this blog about how crushing on the wrong guys had something to do with fear and control.  I wasn't scared for things to not work out because I was in control (so I thought).  But for the longest time there was a crippling fear of the right guy stepping up because then I'd have to make a decision to follow someone else.  I am not going to say that the thought of that still doesn't frighten me a little bit.  It's just that now I am willing to do it afraid and willing to go through the possible hyperventilation that could initially take place. And if he's really the right guy (and the right guy for me is kind and has patience because he is going to need it), he's not going to run for the hills when I tell him that.

I didn't need the handwriting analysis to tell me that I had trust issues. I already knew that.  I also didn't need to see my signature this past weekend to know that I was in a healthier place when it comes to relationships.  It was just really nice to see on paper, literally, that I have come so far.  It's nice to know that my heart is finally in good shape.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fun Music Fridays- Heavy D & The Boyz - "We Got Our Own Thang" (12'' Mix) (1989)

This one's for you Niki Bridges!

Yall this took me all the way back to the Club MTV days! If you have been keeping up with Fun Music Fridays, you already know that I live for every bit of this choreography. We lost one of the great ones this week. We love you Heavy D.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We Miss You Heavy D- Toya

"Got a category; my own and I'm the president"
It hurts me to write this. It really does.

When I was in high school I had a picture of Heavy D on a keychain. I had pictures of him in my locker. I had a Heavy D & the Boyz t-shirt I wore until it fell apart. What's crazy is I had forgotten all of this until yesterday when I heard that he passed away at only 44 years old. The thing about Heavy D is that he has always been relevant. Reports are coming out talking about him being an old school rapper but there are so many songs that I find to be a part of my regular listening that I often forget that they came out years ago. Songs like "Nuttin' But Love", "Is It Good to You", and his most popular crossover hit "Now That We Found Love" have always been in rotation so to me he just always seemed...current. That's good music for ya.

"There's always a meaning in a Heavy D statement. In this life I strive for improvement, be your own guide, follow your own movement..." - from "We Got Our Own Thang"

Jamaican born Dwight Myers AKA Heavy D accomplished so much in his 44 years. In addition to his successful music career, he at one time was the president of Uptown Records introducing such artists as Soul for Real and Monifah. He was also a successful actor with roles in movies (he had a small role in the newly released movie Tower Heist with Eddie Murphy), Broadway, and television. I will never forget him being on A Different World, his recurring role on Living Single, and of course his theme song for In Living Color.

As condolences pour in all over the world, it's evident that Heavy D was just as great of a guy in real life as he seemed on television. There a few people I know who had interacted with him in the past and all they can say is how friendly and warm of a person he was. As the self proclaimed Overweight Lover, his songs set the precedence for talking about love and romance in a way that a gentleman should. This is something that I wish so many artists today would adopt in their own music. We'll be playing Heavy's songs long after today's flash in the pan sexually explicit songs. That's because Heavy D's music had something for everyone and that's the kind of music that last.

Heavy D was an incredible performer. One of a kind. As untimely as his passing is how grateful are we that we got to see him perform some of his greatest hits one last time on this year's BET Hip Hop awards?  This medley of songs proved without a doubt that he had hits for days.

It's a sad day for hip hop. It's a sad day for music period. We love you Heav.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thoughts on Awkward Black Girl Episode 10- Toya

Confession: I didn't want to blog about episode 10 until the second half came out today because I was so confused by part 1. SO confused. I was hoping that it was a bad dream that Nina was having. I totally didn't get it. I still don't get it. However, I have chosen to take it as them using their creative license for a special Halloween episode and leave it at that. The step scene though? Ummm... did I mention I didn't get it? Ok.

How happy were we to see our girl Bernadette make her big debut at 3:02?! You done good, girl! Bernadette was lucky enough to get a part in the newest episode and even spoke to Issa Rae...who told her to say hey to BGLU, I might add. Oh yeah. We're known in these internet streets. *Cabbage Patches into a Bankhead Bounce followed by The Troop*

Yall I am really disappointed in...wait...speaking of disappointment...Herman Cain just showed up on Jimmy Kimmel. I can't. I just... *turns on Weather Channel* Oh look it's going to be 74 degrees tomorrow. Moving on...

As I was saying, I am really disappointed in White J in this episode. I mean two steps forward, five steps back. I melted a little when J said that he was her male Ce Ce. Isn't that what we all want? Someone you can be your complete awkward self with? As someone pointed out in the Youtube comments, how did he forget her name? They have the same name! Not only that but the way he was looking at that other girl was a little suspect too. The lingering? I guess it's always something. If he was perfect it just wouldn't be fair. I will say this though: he's actually taken J out on a few dates. Fred's office datin' antics are for the birds. That's some old high school, we go together between classes and study hall, type mess. No sir. Guy who will date you > Office crush any day of the week.

So what say you? Are you still Team White J? Are you still Team Fred? Have you had it with both of them and are about to hop on Team A or even Team Baby Voice Darius (I mean, can he get some love)? What are your thoughts?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun Music Friday: "Ladies Night" (Not Tonight Remix) Lil Kim featuring Angie Martinez, Left Eye, Da Brat & Missy Elliott

There's been a lot of talk about bachelorette parties and weddings lately.  We've had a few friends get married and engaged recently which is a much welcome change from all the divorces that have happened this year.  With that being said a lot of my girls have been talking about what kind of wedding and bachelorette parties they would like to have.  I don't think it's any surprise that I tend to be more concerned  about what music I want played at my bachelorette party, wedding and reception.  In regards to my bachelorette party, this one is definitely on the playlist.  Happy Friday!  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You Should Know: Chelsea Settles - Tia


Normally our "You Should Know" posts are music related but I absolutely love this girl and feels that she more than qualifies for a "You Should Know" segment. 

I stopped watching MTV for multiple reasons. I stumbled out of their target demographic about a decade ago. That was painfully evident by my complete disinterest in EVERYTHING that was on the channel. And when they stopped faking the funk earlier this year and officially dropped "music television" from their logo I was pretty much convinced that my relationship with them was officially dead.

But somehow, almost as if by magic, MTV has managed to hook me with their new show Chelsea Settles. And of all things, it's a reality show. Aside: unless it's about cooking or sewing, I usually don't get into reality shows. Mostly because I feel they lack a key component: REALITY.

I found Chelsea Settles by accident. I was working on a mundane, monotonous project for work and needed something to break up the repetition of it all. I figured Law&Order would be on somewhere, because it ALWAYS is, and that would help get me through the day. As the television in my office is not connected to a DVR, I had to actually click through all of the stations. I stopped on a show with a beautiful girl being harassed by what appeared to be a group of very drunk a-holes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was completely enraptured by what was happening. Who was this girl? Why was she being followed by these d-bags? Why is this on MTV? Shouldn't they be playing something about someone fake/plastic/offensively Italian/over sexualized? This show looked like legitimate social commentary. I had to find out what this was.

The show follows recent fashion school graduate Chelsea Settles as she decides to leave everything behind to chase after the things she wants in life. I was instantaneously hooked. MTV was running all of the current episodes the day I discovered the show so I found myself taking an early lunch and settling in to watch the trials and tribulations of a wonderful girl with real life struggles. I cheered for her from the very beginning. You just want this girl to succeed at everything. From her weight loss journey to making the decision to leave her ailing mother in order to pursue her dreams on the other side of the country, you can't help but think, "GO CHELSEA!"

Somehow MTV managed to do reality in a relatable way. This girl is real. She's not rich. She's not clothes hanger thin. She has issues just like the rest of us. But she's gorgeous. She's lovable. And most endearingly, she's a fighter. She made me remember why I moved to LA. She made me remember that even in the face of multiple failures, there is still something to be had by pursuing your dreams. Everything in me wants this girl to win. not your DVR/Tivo/Computer and make sure you're watching every episode of Chelsea Settles. It's one of the few things that television gets right.