Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where is your mama at?!?!?!....Oh, wait, she's the one filming you - Tia


There is so much wrong with this video. Where do I even begin...?

That child is MAYBE 5 years old. Why does she know all of the words to "SuperBass"? Who lets their child listen to Nicki Minaj? Who films their child singing about the "panties coming off," thinks it's cute and then PUTS IT ON THE INTERNET?!?!?!? And who thought it would be okay for this little girl to drop an N-bomb? Did they think no one would notice because she's British and small? And finally, they didn't have to do that little blond girl like that. Who told her she could be in the video? She could have sat this one out?

Oh and A+ on the parenting by putting your child on the internet telling the world her full name and location. That should make it a little easier for ANYONE to find you.


E. said...

Ngl, my 2yo cousin listened to Nicki & Drake's song Moment 4 Life repeatedly. My aunt asked me to make a CD of that song, Pretty Girl Rock, Black & Yellow and--wait for it--The Best in Me (yes, the gospel song).

JazJessaIrene said...

I'm so scared for the generation after mine..hell i'm scared for mine.

FunkyStarkitty50 said...

How is this remotely OK?? I have two little boys and they know a few Amy Winehouse songs--but at least it's the edited versions. It's not cute-- just not at all. The Mom must be an idiot or she probably figured that her kids would be famous. ;/