Thursday, October 6, 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs - Tia

I have 3 iPods and just ordered a 4th. I have a MacBook Pro.  Even though I'm with T-mobile, I had an unlocked iPhone for a long time. And if the rumors are true, I'll probably be getting a iPad 3 some time later this year. I'm an Apple disciple and proud.

But whether you're pro-Apple or diametrically opposed to all things Apple you had to respect and admire Steve Jobs. Calling him innovative almost seems like a disservice. You can try to argue that if you want but if it weren't for him you probably wouldn't be reading this right now, regardless of whether you're reading it on a Mac or a PC.

He held 300+ patents at the time of his death. He was able to predict the needs and wants of consumers before we could. If you'd asked me 10 years ago if I needed to carry around 10,000 songs at one time I...well I probably would have said yes, but most people would have said no. But Steve thought differently. He brought us products that gave us a sense of wonder and filled us with awe.

I remember talking with some friends wondering where our hoverboards, flying cars and electric lace shoes were. (Yes, Back to the Future 2 shaped most of that conversation.) While we lamented the fact that we probably would never have any of those things in our lifetime, one friend held up his iPhone and dutifully noted, "We do have these though." It was at that point that I looked around the table and noticed that everyone there had an iPhone. Mr. Jobs' creativity brought us one step closer to the future we dreamed of as children.

I read that someone said that they felt like a personal friend died. I understand that. He was our generation's Edison. He was our homeboy who embodied the spirit of Einstein. You always looked forward to a message from Steve because you knew if was going to be good and you knew it was going to be life changing. With each new product, with every presentation the world got a little bit more exciting. Steve made it cool to be a geek. And coming from this nerdy girl, I will be forever grateful.

Thank you Steve. You will be missed.

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