Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Real Time Commentary of The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl - Episode 9

If we could, we would put every awkward black girl in a room (and those that love, understand and identify with us) and watch this together. But since we can't (well maybe we can. I think that's what Google+ is for but nobody seems to understand that yet) I wanted to post my real time reactions much like we do during music awards. So if you are watching this episode, it's like I'm right there with you!

That's weird isn't it? That's why I so get this show.

Here are my real time reactions:

  1. Noooooo please tell me she didn't sleep with Fred. Ok, whew!

  2. CeCe. is. so. extra.

  3. I will never see seasonal lattes the same way again. From here on out I am referring to men whose names I will not reveal publicly as either Eggnog Latte or Caramel Mocha.

  4. *Falls out at 1:44* Her head hit the door and my head hit the table.

  5. Why do you have butterflies about seeing Fred? BECAUSE HE LOOKS LIKE THAT!!!! Good Lord!

  6. Her boss' hair is killing me softly yet again.

  7. Why are Fred and J matching?

  8. Can we please talk about how in real life A is actually fine? Like, really fine? Ok.

  9. "Not you. You're a temp." BAAAAAHAHAHAHA! I can't stand him!

  10. Why is Fred the only one that understands Darius? Wait, why do I understand Darius?

  11. "God likes napkins." I am working that quote into every single dinner conversation. Watch me. That is the best!

  12. Why is the PRAYER "cooning"? HA! Delores is ridiculous.

  13. I am so happy to see White Jay right now, I don't know what to do.

  14. This scene with Fred, J, and White Jay seems a little forced.

  15. Nothing says awkward like randomly dropping a feminine product in public.

  16. A Brandy and Monica reference? Is there going to be a sing off?!

  17. Wait... J really stepped up to Nina and that wasn't a dream sequence! Go J!

  18. "...and I want the rainbow to be enough." *Flatlines*

  19. Nina IS Suge Knight! LOL!!!!!

That episode was well worth the wait and guess what? There is also going to be a Halloween episode so there will be two new episodes this month! What did you all think of the new episode?


Alexis said...

I loved the episode! I too thought the scene with Fred, J, and White Jay was a little forced, but Nina and CeCe's parts made up for it...especially when Fred grabbed J's hand first and CeCe looked at White Jay and said "Go on white boy! jump!!" I was HOLLERIN! I love CeCe and her extraness lol.

E. said...

"...I want the rainbow to be enough. E-n-u-f." loool

This wasn't my favorite episode but it did have those made-me-chuckle moments. I can't understand why J is having such a hard time.

Patricia said...

I might need new friends because none of them are watching this. I keep replaying this episode because it cracks me up a little more every time.

Pretty much everything Cece says lets me know that girl needs Jesus! If she had Jesus would she turn into Delores?

AptLife said...

Even with it's fault, I still enjoyed this ep. Yes, so happy she didn't sleep with him! And bless Cece for popping out like a crackhead, this girl does not get enough scenes.

White Jay surprised me a bit. I kinda expected him to be intimidated by Fred, but he was really cool and confident about his approach. Even after Fred's lame "this is my office" comment. Uh, no. But I'll give Fred credit where it's due and that's for dissing Nina earlier lol

Patricia said...

Totally forgot to mention... Fred is fine but could he actually step up, be a man and ask a woman on a real date no pretense. Until then I am Team White Jay. Afterward I might still be Team White Jay because it didn't take a case of "dick envy" for him to show interest.

Micky said...

Just watched episode 8 (needed to catch up) and 9 TWICE. It may be my own issues, but I just don't think Fred is sincere. He just didn't seem that interested until White J came along. I am so Team J, which um, okay, I might be slightly biased. But Jay is adorable, totally my type and seems really interested in J.

This was the first episode where I was laughing out loud like a crazy person. Too many moments to point out. But I agree, hurray for free food an alcohol.