Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Video Alert: Beyonce's Countdown - Tia

I'm no Beyonce Stan by any stretch. I think she's immensely talented. And there are times when she's ridiculously beautiful. But I don't think all that she does is the end all be all of pop/R&B. But I have to be honest, after watching this video I want to go watch every movie Audrey Hepburn ever did so that I can match the references in the videos to the films.

I really like this video. It's different. It's clear she had fun making it. And, of course, I love the song.



mgraves said...

she kinda looks like Prince in this..... and sometimes Lisa Bonet..... and perhaps it's just my sleep deprivation talking and I am crazy :) i do like the video, but as a mom i wonder how in the hades could she dance like that while prego??? amazing.

Niki said...

She looks friggin' amazing and the video is very cute! Glad to see a video with a concept that isn't so literal yet isn't just trying to be "different" for difference sake. This song and "Party" are my cuts from her last record.

PeachyKeen said...

and it's an audrey hepburn reference from my FAVIE audrey movie... funny face!!! delightful <3

ToyaBGLU said...

Hands down my favorite Beyonce'video yet. I LOVE it and I love all of the clothes.