Sunday, October 30, 2011

I don't want to be American anymore or how I fell in love with Theo James - Tia

Are you serious??? I mean, are you KIDDING me right now? This man is STUPID FINE!!! AND HE'S BRITISH!!

I'm so relinquishing my citizenship. Don't get me wrong, America is AWESOME. But come on son. Men like this with accents. It's like my own personal brand of crack.

I was minding my own business (That's ALWAYS how it starts.) I was cleaning out my terribly full DVR and watching episodes of Law&Order: UK. (Yes, there is a UK version.) And a commercial for Bedlam came one. Now, normally, I fast forward through the commercials. Isn't that what DVRs/Tivos are for? But the remote was not immediately handy. I'm SO glad it wasn't. I caught a glimpse of Mr. James and could not get to youtube fast enough to find out more. Then I saw this and realized that I'd found my future husband.

I mean, seriously, this is all that I believe in. Hot: check. Can fix things: check. Looks great in well made clothes: check. British: checkcheckcheckcheckcheck!!!!!!

I know I seem hopelessly boy-crazy right now. Yeah, I'm owning it. God makes beautiful things. And I for one plan to appreciate them. My LAWD!!!


Patrice said...

#1: Law & Order: UK is my FAVE!
#2: I got hit with that Bedlam commercial too!
#3: Lovin' this blog!

Danielle said...
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Danielle said...


Lei said...

You are so funny. I was flipping thru BBC America at my parent's house and came across this delicous eye candy. I ended turning the channel after I couldn't tell what was going on and it was getting a little too sexy and weird for my taste. I will defiitely keep my eye out for him because he is gorgeous!

Lei said...

Oh yeah and I forgot to add-loved the first season of Law & Order:UK and just saved the 2nd to my Netflix list. Hoefully it will be available soon.