Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quitter Challenge: Chapter 4- Toya

Who walks into their annual review and tells their HR person that they are afraid that they don't have the right personality for their job? *Awkwardly raises hand* THIS girl. If you remember in the last chapter, we had a company meeting about PI (Predictive Index) where I thought that I discovered that I had the wrong personality type for my job. Turns out I was wrong.

“Toya, you are perfect for your job” my HR person assured me. I'll admit that to me that sounded a little depressing. She went through the different types of personality traits with me. When I told her that I felt that I may be too much of a people person, she said “Your type is definitely a people person however you still can work well by yourself." This is true. “Also, you think to talk versus talk to think” she continued. I debated this until she pointed out that I really am someone who thinks things through before making a decision. From this I gathered that talking to yourself still counts as thinking. I think A LOT. So much to the point that I am pretty much prepared for what I am going to say on any given topic because I have thought about it so much. We went over a few more personality traits and soon I was convinced that she was right. This gave me the relief that I was at the right job, at the right season. I just needed to trust that for whatever reason I am there, I need to get all I can out of it and learn what I need to in order to move forward. That's where Chapter 4 comes in. It's funny how I can be behind on blogging about the current chapter I am reading and then the week I do get around to it, the subject matter is right on time. If I would've read Chapter 4, “Falling in Like with a Job You Don't Love”, before my review,  I wouldn't have received it well.

Jon Acuff says “The truth is we need to learn to fall in like with a job we don't love because it's actually the best way to set up your dream for success. “ That sounds hopeful right? However he says a couple of other things that will make you hold your stomach with one hand and your eye with the other:

“How long will it take for your dream to become a full time job and sustain you? Longer than you want it to.”

“Bad employees make horrible dreamers. You can't loaf on your day job all week and then expect to magically  throw the switch on the weekend and hustle on your dreams...you're not just working, you are practicing for your dream. If you want your dream job to work, work on your day job.”

“The truth is we need to learn to fall in like with a job we don't love because it's actually the best way to set up your dream for success. “

Add these to the fact that the first chapter of Quitter burst your bubble by telling you that the worst thing you can do at the moment is to actually quit your job and you may start feeling like this:

Jon Acuff recently did a Quitter conference here that I was unable to attend but I've since decided that I probably shouldn't go see him before I become a Quitter lest I try to throw tomatoes at him from the audience. I'm kidding but no really, this book will hurt your feelings. Thankfully, it also gives you a lot to think about in regards to the parallels between your current day job and your dream job. I don't have a lot to do at work so it is very easy to put my assignments off until the last minute. The evil that is Procrastination bleeds into my personal life too which he says happens all the time. Unfortunately sometimes the more time I have, the more time I have to goof off and then I am rushing to get things done. Not hot.

Now unlike Jon it's not considered stealing from my job if I write from work. I know this because my HR person said it's completely acceptable to keep myself occupied doing other things. She knows there's not a lot for me to do as a receptionist and I have asked for more to do. Maybe God is trying to see how faithful I am being in ALL things I am responsible for given the time I have.

I feel much more free at work now than I did before my review and reading chapter 4.  My aim now is to organize me day accordingly to be able to get everything done that I need to do day job wise and dream job wise; with my day job being top priority of course.  I have a really difficult time planning my day and sticking to it.  Also, I have a hard time working in a space where no one is really around which is why I am here writing at Starbucks with people around.  It's even harder to write at home. I guess that's part of what this season is about really; learning about myself, how to work and what that work really entails.  I'm going to try my best to get all I can while I am at my day job and appreciate it in the process. 

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Christina said...

I finished reading "Quitter". There were definitely many points that Jon made in the book that spoke directly to me. But I did find that once I finished the book, I was left with the feeling that I may never get to make my dream job my day job. I am actually not looking to quit my day job but would love to go part-time at my day job. That way I will have more time for my dream job. Though to be successful at my dream job which is songwriting, I have to depend on music industry folks. Having a hit song is not only about writing the song but also about having the right connections at the right time. It's not just up to me to make my dream job come true but I have to depend on the acceptance of my work by others. So after finishing the Quitter book, I am left feeling both inspired and also a little worried about my dream job.