Friday, September 9, 2011

Fun Music Friday's: New Edition "N.E. Heartbreak"

1. It may not be a stretch to say that this is my favorite video of all time. The choreography, the mismatched shoes...yes.
2. I do believe that the phrase "goin' hard" absolutely had to originate from SOMETHING that Johnny Gill was doing because he absolutely goes hard at everything; dancing, singing, sweating, everything.
3. Can you spot all of the celebrity cameos? Whatever happened to the oldest son from Mr. Belvedere? Did you spot the tall light skinned guy who always had a cane on Soul Train? I've always had a crush on him.
4. Speaking of crushes, Ralph Tresvant? *Clutches pearls* All day and tomorrow. Please believe.

Happy Friday!


Christina said...

I love me some N.E. Heartbreak. That is my jam. I remember rollerskating to this back in the day. Memories. I hear New Edition might be working on a new album and reunion tour. Hoping they bring it cuz I'm having an N.E. Heartbreak over here waiting on some new music. Ok that was corny but I couldn't resist.

Lei said...

Sorry it was all about Ronnie Devoe in with his skinny legs in that mustard suit dancing. Still love him, age has been very kind to him.

The girl with no bra in the pink dress that was cut in the middle-WHAH! YUCK! Yuck back then and yuck now.

The Boys, Malcolm Jamal Warner,Shanice-this is going off of memory. I own the New Edition videos on VHS.