Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can We Talk: What Did You Think About The Newest Episode of The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl?

"I volunteered for you." *Swoon*

If you're a huge fan of The Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl series then you were so on edge after episode 7 that you were counting down the days until episode 8 was available online.  Shoutout to @Stellabonita who got one of the coveted viewing soiree spots to preview the show online before it was available. Unless you got the link directly from someone who was able to preview it, you had to wait one more day.  She tweeted us the link as soon as she could and at about 1 am, I was glued to my laptop.

I'm dying to hear what you all thought about it.  If ABG is not the first quintessential BGLU show, I don't know what is.  Here are my thoughts on Episode 8:

1. The absolute only thing I don't like about this show is the excessive profanity.  It's hard for me to recommend sometimes because it tends to be a little too much, particularly J's rapping scenes.  So when I do recommend this show, it's to people that I know watch things like Entourage, The Sopranos, and other cable network series with a lot of adult language.  But yeah, otherwise this show is perfect.
2. The newly saved co-worker: I was nervous when they introduced her but as the show went on I thought it was hilarious.  Hey some church folk can be really extra sometimes.  And Nina with the "Muslim chanting" comment? NOT okay. She's such a hater! 
3. Their boss stays doing The Most. The turban? "When you people sing and dance, the world is yours"?!  I cannot.
4. Why is A so fine in real life? Have you seen him on Facebook? It's not right.
5. Baby Voice Darius destroyed me at 3:39.  He really did.

I could go into more about the conference room scene and the clever Sister Act 2 reference but let me just get to what I know we all want to talk about:

Yes Lord all day AND tomorrow !!! Team Fred is trying to show and prove!

Now like Beyonce', I may not know alge-bah.  But what I do know is this equation:

Fred in that nicely fitted Howard University t-shirt > puppies, rainbow Skittles, and sun showers!!!!

Fred pulled out the big guns.  Boys with the guitars stay winning in my book...unfortunately...but I digress. 

What I really liked about this episode is that we finally got to see Fred showing everyone that he truly is awkward too.  He doesn't seem to be at peace with his awkwardness though.  I think that's what attracts him to J.  Now I am a firm believer that chemistry should win over cuteness any day of the week.  That is why for the longest time I was Team White Jay.  But now that Fred "set up his room like a 90's R&B video" (best line of the show), I am so torn!  I am so mad that I am torn between being Team White Jay and Team Fred now! I never thought that would happen especially after this scene in episode 7:

*Passes out*

Yeah, White Jay is going to have to come correct soon because Fred put it down.  He may have to stand outside J's window like Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything holding up a boombox playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" or something. It's not looking good for him at all.
What do you all think? Should J give Fred a chance or is it too little too late?  Do you think she should try to date both even though they are friends?  What do you all think about episode 8?


Miss Dre said...

I was glued to my laptop too! And let me tell you, Fred won me over! I too admit that I'm a sucker for guitar players, so maybe I am a little biased. But I loved seeing his quirkiness in this episode. I think I'm officially Team Fred now.

I also admit that I cringe every time J says the "F" word, but it is what it is. She doesn't say it so much that I would stop watching. And her boss gets on my nerves with the turbans, cornrows and all that extra business. I find myself wondering what she'll come up with next though.

I soooo can't wait for the next episode!

Niki said...

Awkward Black Girl Love Triangle? My soul says YES! Even though I am a team White J girl, Fred upped the ante quite a bit and was looking very scrumptious!

I agree that Fred is not at peace with his awkwardness and maybe feels like he can "come out of the closet" with J. My only problem with that is that he didn't seem to want to make a move until he saw her with White J.

Sometimes the reality doesn't meet the fantasy, so I see that scenario happening with J & Fred. Her crush will be "humanized" and she will probably find things about him that she doesn't quite like.

AptLife said...

Nope, still team White Jay. Fred was not fooling me (although the guitar move was too damn smooth). I'm irritated because Fred is trifling. He is FRIENDS with White Jay, seen the chemistry between J and Jay early on @ his birthday party (you know, the one he made out with Nina in front of J. Yeah) AND spotted them out on a date about to kiss. Is this dude for real? It took all of that for him to finally "approach" J (because he never did come out and say he wanted to date her)? Would he have even bothered if White Jay/another man was never in the picture?

I don't know his intentions, but they don't look good to me. White Jay at least took her out on a date (that's another discussion lol) and apparently Fred couldn't be bothered to do that and instead invited her to his house to "work"? They couldn't meet up at a cute coffee shop? Really? /rant

Anyway, looking forward to "Awkward Happy Hour". I think we're going to see both men in Ep 9 and a part of me has a feeling J and Fred went there *ahem*

ToyaBGLU said...

DANG AptLife! You put the "womp womp" on Fred for real! I'm with you on the date part. He didn't take J out on a date AND White Jay is supposed to be his boy. *Sigh* I'm so torn!

AptLife said...

Sorry LOL I was seriously rooting for J/Fred until the Nina kiss-fiasco.

I just wish he was this persistent before ANY man came into the picture and now I'm sure his confidence was unfortunately boosted after seeing J ignore White Jay's call. He might have went from simply wanting to admitting he likes her to now wanting to get her into bed. Trifling lol

Miss Dre said...

Wow I didn't even take any of those things into consideration AptLife!

Nicole said...

AptLife hit the nail on the head. I'll never be on Team Fred just because he was off gallivanting with Nina while keeping Jay in the friend zone. Then when he saw her with his friend on a date, he tried to change it up. Sorry buddy, you missed your chance. (That's what I would have said, anyway.)

Anonymous said...

I'm Team Fred all the way. Just because he didn't make a move first, doesn't mean he hadn't planned on it (Lord knows I've been there). He liked her, but he didn't tell his boy who jumped in line first. When you think about it that way, now who's the bad guy? And let's not forget, Nina was putting the moves on Fred, not the other way around. hmm
Besides, I just don't see any chemistry between "J" and "White J"

Leslie said...

I'm with Apt. TEAM WHITE J!

Leslie said...

You guys know how she puts pop culture references in her show? Was the guitar thing from that movie with Taye Diggs.. he wrote a book, and it was about the girl getting married and he had sex with her? Because someone did that on that show, looking all sultry and stuff and that is the first thing I thought of.

ToyaBGLU said...

Hey Leslie,

Yes that was from the movie The Best Man.