Thursday, August 25, 2011

We Will Always Miss You Aaliyah

I’ll be very honest with you: I did not want to write this Aaliyah post today. The thing is I don’t like to commemorate death. Like, at all. I don’t even like to think about it. Still I thought about our readers and thought that we should give you a chance to express your feelings about Aaliyah, her music and yes, even her death.

I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed Aaliyah’s music until after she was gone. Sadly to say, the cuts that were released after she passed, “More Than A Woman” and “We Need a Resolution”, turned out to be my top favorites (the former being my absolute favorite).

Today is a sad day to me because we will never know what she could have done in her career but we know that it truly could have been a lot. I had a lot of respect for Aaliyah because her sexiness didn’t seem forced or vulgar and she was very protective of her personal life. She let her talent and her innovative creativity speak for her. She reminds me of Sade in that respect. It’s been these standards that she set in her short career that I don’t think many newer artist have been able to live up to since.

So to our readers who are Aaliyah fans, I hope that this has not been a sad day for you. I hope that you have been able to reminisce, play some of her great music and relive a bit of nostalgia by watching her videos. Trust me, I do feel that her life is one to be celebrated. I just can’t seem to do it today. Perhaps tomorrow.

Well, I take that back.  Seriously who can be sad for long after watching this choreography?

She was a bad girl.  What are your favorite Aaliyah songs and videos?


Tiffani said...

We were the same age...and I always felt we shared some common traits..I miss her presence in the industry, she brought a great balance

Niki said...

I felt that she was just really coming into her own on her last album. I remember seeing an interview after she had passed with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. He mentioned that he had met her a few times and that she mentioned to him that she was a fan. He said that she told him that she was introduced to NIN through her beloved older brother Rashad and wanted to collaborate on a project. Too bad that never had a chance to happen because I feel that she could have been part of some very forward-thinking/outside the R&B-hip hop box stuff musically. I can't help but think of what she would be like today at 32.

Christine said...

When "Rock the Boat" came out I was like, "what is this?" and I was annoyed. And then when "More than A Woman" came out it made me sad b/c it was really good and uplifting which just made the whole thing more sad. It's like one of those songs you do at the end of a concert. Like, "I know it's the end and you're sad, but we'll see each other again." It was like, wow this is the perfect song. I remember I wore out that "Journey to the Past" song too, from the Anastasia sdtk.

AptLife said...

My favorite song of Aaliyah's. I remember waiting for them to release this song and vid, but after she died they made it a point to premiere Rock the Boat for obvious reasons. I didn't know her personally, but I'm human. I cried when I found out she died and I'm not a "crier". I can only imagine what her music would sound like now. She came out when I was about 9/10 years old and she (Mary J, Brandy, Monica, etc) were my generation's r&b singers. Times have sadly changed and I can't help but think if she were still here how she would change music. Let me leave it at that.

Lei said...

More than a Woman was my song! I really wanted that white jumpsuit. I loved her because we were the same size and she made it look sexy.

Being that there are few naturally thin celebrities out there, she was one I could relate to.