Monday, August 1, 2011

This Just In: Jordan Knight ft. Donnie Wahlberg "Stingy"

 This is Toya and I already know that Tia will have MUCH to say about Donnie's appearance in this video so I will leave that up to her but in the meantime, I would like to render my two cents:

1. The Knight brothers sleep in oxygen tanks. It's just that simple.  I've seen both of them up close and there's no way in the world they are 40 and over. I won't receive it. Jordan looks the same in person as he does in this video.  Maybe it's Maybelline? No, maybe he gets a good 7 hours of beauty sleep a night in a well confined oxygen chamber.  
2. I've had this song on repeat since it was sent to us (thanks Lei) so it's safe to say that this is my jam right now. It's Jordan Knight and PM Dawn. What else is there not to like?
3. Did he say "You should be wifey?" Don't ask me why that's funny. I have no explanation.
4. I feel like that's a side eye at 2:28.  I could be wrong but...
5. I know I said I wasn't going to comment on Donnie but let me say this: I'd like to applaud him for wearing a V-neck with an appropriate length for a grown man.  Have you seen these guys out here lately with the V-necks almost down to the navel? I have a friend who rocks one and his defense was "It's an American Apparel v-neck."  I then asked him "Can you go back and get an American Apparel dickie because, no sir. Uh uh."

What do you all think about the new video?


Alexis said...

As soon as Donnie started rapping at the 40 second mark I was done. I just can't hahaha

Your comment about the V-necks made me think of Jon Acuff when he said, "You know that the collar of your shirt and your belly button should never interact right?" LOL

erika said...

I love this song because I love me some Jordan Knight. If you ladies like this then check out the album definitely a winner!

Danielle said...

Oooh Jordan!!! I don't know what he was singing about because my attention was on him!

Melany said...

I like the song! Jordan Knight STILL sounds & looks good. I think Donie did well, too.

Christina said...

I love this song and video. Donnie is so HOT in it. I love when he falls against the wall during the "hit me like an 808 straight to my heart" part of the song. I agree about the oxygen tank part. And Donnie is looking damn fine for being over 40 y/o as well.

Lei said...

They both look good. Of course my eyes were mostly on Donnie, but I checked Jordan out from the corner as well. Donnie in the sunglasses-killing me!

and your welcome :) I knew you would love it.

Lei said...

Side thought- Am I the only one who misses Jordan's snaggle tooth. I thought it was cute on him.

I wasn't really feeling the first song of this album, but if the other songs are like this, I might have to check it out. I still have his first one in rotation in my car.