Thursday, August 11, 2011

I've been going about this ALL wrong - Tia

Good Morning BGLU!

I love a revelation. You know how you have that "Ooooooh" moment? You kind of have to laugh to yourself because you suddenly realize that you've been going about things the wrong way. I had such a moment when I saw this yesterday.
Now this is by NO means the best picture of Gerard Butler. (For more examples, just google him.) But take a look at the temples. While the hair has been lightened for his current role as a something or other that he's shooting in Glasgow, to me those "edges" look a bit gray. And gray looks like maturity. And maturity is usually synonymous with security. And security is the key to many things with me.

(Update: A friend of mine just sent this to me. 1. Gerard is a clown and I love it. 2. I just don't think they make what I need in this country. 3. Does anyone have a lead on jobs/flats in the UK?)

Quite a while back Toya and I were watching youtube clips of "The Real World." We may or may not have been looking for clips of Stephen slapping Irene. Anyway, David, CT, and Nathan were at the reunion show and Nathan, who I NEVER had ANY SHINE for back in the day, was there in a suit and his hair had gone significantly gray since the last time I saw him. In other words, Nathan had grown up and turned into a man. Suddenly I COULD SEE Nathan. I won't repeat what I said suffice it to say Toya screamed with laughter and we giggled about it for many days afterward.

(There's teeny bit of language in this. FYI)

(I refuse to comment on Stephen.)

But even after that moment, it still took me until YESTERDAY to realize that older is GOOD. I've been spending far too much time pining over these little boys. (I blame Robert Pattinson.) Most of my guy friends are under 30. So I've become accustomed to being around the children. But while the children are fun, I'm FAR TOO GROWN to even pretend to have a crush on any of them. Let alone think that I may find a suitable partner amongst them.

I had a baby crush on one of my friends not too long ago. While he is a great guy, he's still "finding" himself, his voice, a job. Yeah, I did my 20s. And although there are days when I still am discovering Tia, I've long since left that "journey to me" stage that we go through in our 20s. Like Jay-Z said, I'm onto the next one.

Something about seeing Mr. Butler having fun but being a grown man caused something in my brain to click. I realized that I need to a.) Stop checking for these little boys and b.) accept that my age is what it is and embrace/celebrate/savor it. I'm fortunate enough to have a better understanding of who I am than I did 5 or 10 years ago. That's something that can only come with time. I refuse to be one of those women out there who is desperately clinging to bygone youth. (I'm looking at every "reality" tv "star" out there right now.) I will love and appreciate my face, my body, my mind. I will upgrade my wardrobe to reflect who I truly am. (Don't worry, I'm not going to start shopping at Ann Taylor Loft or anything. ) And I will hence forth be looking for MEN (not guys, not boys) like this:

Hill Harper - 45 
Okay, black does not crack or even crinkle....HOW is he 45???

George Clooney - 50
All day, tomorrow and twice on Saturday

Benjamin Bratt - 47
¡Ay Dios Mio!

Daniel Dae Kim - 43
Oh, now I remember why I watch Hawaii 5-0.


ToyaBGLU said...

Here here!!! I know Tia won't mention these because she is about 1-2 degrees of separation from them but I aint shamed: if the Lord would send me either a Toby Mac or a Kirk Franklin type (loves Jesus, fly and over 40), I would forever give Him the praise. \o/

Brina said...

Hill Harper is 45!!??!!

Spitfire said...

That picture of Daniel Dae Kim is a SIN. If I go to hell I'm blaming you.

Lei said...

Hill Harper is 45! Sorry I had to reiterate that. He has such a baby face. Love love Daniel Dae Kim or "my Jin" as I like to call him.

You know who also looks good for his age? he is 55 and looks to be in his 40's

Leslie said...

Toya, doesn't kirk franklin have a porn addiction or something? LOL

ToyaBGLU said...

Ha! He USED to have a porn addiction. My whole point about bringing up men like Kirk and Toby is that they are in their 40's but still very youthful. I dig dudes like that.

Christine said...

CT used to be a problem for me. Well into the days of the Real World/Road Rules challenge shows. That jaw? yes. With those red tinted sunglasses on? yep. Be drunker than EVERY mofo IN the place, just chillin' in the corner, not even slouchin'. He lives so far away from me. God is faithful.

I've BEEN tryin' to find me benefactor. Sure, I'll help your daughter with her homework! Brad is getting to the point where I can't even really take it. And Jason Bateman coming along swimmingly. I know they're married, I'm just sayin. He's already insane but in like six years, Idris is gonna be like... like...