Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Donnie Wahlberg!

If you've been reading this blog long enough, you know we are some Blockheads with no shame. It is what it is. So in honor of Donnie Wahlberg's birthday today, here's some nostalgia to brighten up your Wednesday.

Here are just a few comments I'd like to make regarding this video in real time:
1) Joey's bedhead is giving me Teenage Dream fever.
2) Does anyone have a location on Freedom Williams from C+C Music Factory? It's been a minute.
3) Jordan Knight continues to bless me in that mustard colored jacket. He can wear a suit, can't he? And was that a church shout at 1:42? Go in Jordan!
4) If only Jon Knight would change his mind about his present situation! I mean!
5) I have no words for 2:04. Talk amongst yourselves. I cannot.
6) Pelvic thrusts aside, the breakdown in this song is one of my favorites.
7) I may/may not still know this choreography. *Looks around awkwardly*
8) Danny Wood will always be the Michael Bivins of the group.  I hear he does a workout class on the NKOTB cruise.  Does lifting my frozen margarita glass to my lips repeatedly in a lawn chair while I watch him do squats count as participation? I didn't think so.
9) I remember watching this video in high school on TRL back when MTV played videos.  To our younger readers, that's no urban legend. They did indeed play videos.
10) Don't you just miss the 90's?

Happy Wednesday yall!


Melany said...

I was on the floor SCREAMING at the 10 comments!

As much as I love this song & NKOTB, this is the first time I've ever seen the video. I had no idea Freedon Williams did the intro. The way Freedom looks over his shoulder at :18 is pure comedy!

Happy Birthday, Donnie Wahlberg!

Anonymous said...

wow thank you ladies for that :) are you girls going on the cruise this year?

ToyaBGLU said...

We are actually in the midst of discussing it now. We need to see what kind of payment plan they're talking about. LOL!