Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun Music Friday- "I Wanna Be Down" Remix- Brandy featuring MC Lyte, Yo Yo, and Queen Latifah

1) Remember when 90% of the videos back in the day looked like this?
2) Look how CLOTHED everyone looks in this video!  Don't get me started...
3) Remember when Ray J wasn't "For the Love of Ray J" Ray J?
4) I think every girl had that one guy that came to mind when this jam came on.

Happy Friday yall!


Leslie said...

In this house, Ray J is still 'Brandy's Brother' LOL!

blackroot said...

i was just feelin nostalgic for the 90s this morning...yall come through again! this blog cracks me up so much. you remind me of my friends back home! thanks and take care!

TruSoulDj said...

Remember when Ray J was the movie star and Brandy was the singer/actress?