Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear JC, You is is kind...and you is important

"Oh the awards are TONIGHT?" JC Chasez at the 2011 VMA's
Yall...what is really going on with JC Chasez?

This is the thing: Tia has even gone to the extent of writing open letters to JC in hopes that he would put out a second album.  I personally felt like, hey, let the man be.  He did his time in *NSYNC, is content being a judge on America's Best Dance Crew and really doesn't feel the need to put out music right now.  And even though I personally would love to see more of this:

he is doin' him right now.  I thought that was cool.   However, I am starting to think differently.  I mean, this video is from 8 years ago.  Even D'Angelo is set to put out an album soon. Come on JC!

The reason why I quoted the movie The Help to title this post is because perhaps JC thinks that the game doesn't need him.  Maybe he thinks he doesn't fit in today's industry.  Regardless, he is a singer and a heck of a songwriter so surely he has some tracks lying around the house.  Can the fans get down with those?   Also, I am wondering if he was dropped from his label or if he owes them any more records.  If he owes them more records, can we move them to sue?  I know those are drastic measures but I wouldn't suggest it if I didn't think the outfit he wore to the VMA's was a cry for help. How did he get to there from here:

Yes Lord.

JC used to be SHARP!  I used to think that Tia was overreacting just a tad but now I'm with her.  Keep JC in your prayers yall before the next time we see him is on Celebrity Fit Club. I don't really care how he dresses but can we get some new music please?  PLEASE?!


Niki said...

As far as I'm concerned, JC was the best singer in NSync. I used to clown him a bit for his "extra European" fashion sense (remember the tight shirt with the bowtie on season one of ABDC?), but I would take that over the oatmeal he is serving up now!

Christina said...

I have been sending out the bat signal for some new JC music forever. He is letting his talent go to waste. There are even rumors that Justin Timberlake will be releasing a new album. So come one JC!!!! The hiatus is over. Get back to work on some music.

Flo said...

Really JC? What happened to your Euro Swag? I refuse to believe that he is content with just hosting a B grade dance show with Lil Mama. I... I can't. I had hopes! I loved that hot mess Schizophrenic. I *bought* the cd instead of pirating it from Napster. I went the extra mile. Why can't you, JC?

Tiffany said...

OMGosh I cracked up so hard when I read this title, but I totally get it. Come on JC, bring it back!

Yaya said...

I have to LOL & agree with the title of this post so much. JC is one white boy who can sang. I bought his album and was really shocked that he did not get the same promotion as JT. It seems like the label was being a lil shady towards him. JC has talked about always being the studio, but he wants to be more behind the scenes. I think he and his label does not think he has the fan base. Maybe Usher can sign him like he did Bieber LOL.

As for the lawsuit thing, I believe NSYNC is actually under contract for like 1 more album. JC and JT will not do it. I actually don't want them to.