Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Roundup - Tia

Wait...How am I just finding out that "The Famous Jett Jackson" is on "Rizzoli and Isles"? By the way, how old is he? Is it okay to have a crush on him now? -

SO VERY HAPPY that Adele is back. Glad my ticket isn't going to waste after all.

There's a new Torchwood series on Starz. This means something to some of you and nothing to the rest of you. - Starz

While Chord Overstreet's character on "Glee" generally gets a "Meh" from me, I was a bit perturbed when I read that he wasn't coming back next season. Not so much for him but for Amber Riley's character Mercedes. I mean EVERYONE else has had a significant other EXCEPT her. Can a sistah catch a break? Maybe - Sugarscape

Dear The South, They have dubbed us "The Diabetes Belt." We must do better - Times Free Press

Myspace...??? Myspace?..Nope. Doesn't ring a bell. - MTV

Victoria Beckham had a baby. Did she come out in Louboutins? - Access Hollywood

Beyonce made a video for "Best Thing I Never Had." That's great and all and I really do like it. But, um, when is the video for "Countdown" coming out? - YouTube


Patricia said...

I had a very similar reaction to the Chord Overstreet news. In addition to loving the fact that Mercedes was finally getting a significant other towards the end of the season I liked the story line about how his family was being affected by the economy. He finally started becoming more than a pretty face. Then the season ended and he colored his hair...and I drooled. Hello!

Danielle said...

Yes Jett Jackson grew up! I've always thought he was cute. I remember my ex actually got jealous that I was watching Jett Jackson even after I told him the boy was just a teenager!

Kiki said...

Oh My! Lee Thompson Young is just gorgeous! I've had a crush on him since The Famous Jett Jackson. I'm also very excited that Adele's concert was rescheduled! I'm glad i didn't get that refund.