Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekly Roundup - Tia

Since we don't do a lot of posting over the weekends I figured I'd post a couple of things I bumped into on the interwebs recently to feel the void. Here are some things you may have missed over the last few days. 

Wait...H&M is going to carry Versace?!?!?! I guess I know where I'll be on November 17 because I NEED that black dress on the left. - via HuffPo

You know we are cheerleaders for foolishness here at BGLU. So Billboard's list of top 10 Worst National Anthems made me giggle with delight.  - via Billboard

Alex Clare's "Treading Water" has just enough of a dubstep feel to it to make me feel cool. (There's a bit of language in the song. But his vocals are the truth.) - via Youtube

While part of me wishes that I could go to an NKOTBSB after party, some of these pictures make me REALLY glad that I have never been. - via TMZ

I think "planking" is the dumbest thing that I've most recently seen. So you laid down in an inappropriate what? Get up and read a book!!! - via Clutch 

I was seriously considering using my Amex points to get an iPad 2 for my birthday. But thanks to Steve Jobs knack for creating things with built in obsolescence, I may wait and get the new hotness in October. - via GeekSugar

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Lei said...

I really was going to try to budget so that I might attend a NKOTBSB after party. Not so after seeing those pictures. I would be highly upset to pay that money and then have to leave to save my "christian personality". I wonder what they would find if they turned off all the lights and put a fluerescent lights up against some of those folks. Ewww!!