Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Roundup - Tia

I did not see this coming. Of ALL of the the Hollywood couples I figured they (and Demi and Ashton) would be the ones to make it. - People

The last Harry Potter movie made a bazillion dollars over the weekend. As I saw it twice in three days, this information does not surprise me. - L.A. Times

Supposedly, there is a tablet coming out that will rival the iPad. Oh NOW they tell me. - Wall Street Journal

Daniel de Bourg is releasing a second mixtape on September 1st. Excessive swooning to begin in exactly 46 days. - DDB Facebook

At this point if you aren't making your own arraignments for your retirement and expecting the government to bail you out then you need help - Yahoo Finance

I swore I wasn't signing up for anything else after Google+. Then Spotify happened. I swear I'm not signing up for anything else after Spotify. - GeekSugar

Congratulations to the US Women's Soccer team. They played BRILLIANTLY. After the year Japan has had they probably needed the win a little more than we did. But there is NO shame in the performance that the USA! USA! gave. Well done ladies!! - ESPN


Lei said...

please tell me your Jen/Marc comment was sarcasm-please!

Tia BGLU said...

No, real talk....Did you see her Behind the Music? They seemed to genuinely be in love with each other and not their egos.

Lei said...

I never brought it. Was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Matter a fact, I put Brad/Angelina before them as far as staying together. In each relationship Jennifer Lopez has always seemed sooo in love. Just sorry this happened after the kids came along.