Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So THIS Happened: Beyonce Flash Mob in Target Choreographed by Todrick Hall

Dance children!!! 

Confession: It is my absolute dream and borderline obsession to witness a flash mob.  There was actually a Fame flash mob at the Nashville Farmers Market on one of the few weekends I decided not to go and I was heartbroken.  An outbreak of well choreographed dancing happening all around me in public without a moments notice? My soul says yes.  I mean, I had a Fame lunchbox as a kid and desperately wanted to be Janet Jackson's replacement if she decided not to return to Fame as Chloe one season.  It's that serious.

I would have gone HAM SANDWICH if I would've seen this. Ever see those people that get their name called on Price is Right? Yeah, like that. The thing is there have been flash mobs in Nashville that I have found out about ahead of time and refused to go. I don't want to know about it ahead of time.  I just want it to happen like an Ally McBeal episode.  *Sigh* One day, one day.  Until then I will watch this repeatedly wishing I was there in that Target eating a soft pretzel. Don't tell me I'm the only one that will just go to Target for a soft pretzel. I'm just sayin'. - Toya

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Danielle said...

I would love to see a flash mob. I was recently asked if I would ever perform in one and I said yea I'd do it! However I may chicken out once I got there lol.