Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nerd Crushes - Tia

I read graphic novels. I want to go to ComicCon. I only believe in 3 of the 6 Star Wars (the ones with Harrison Ford), 2 Matrixes...Matrii??? (The second one skates by because of Neo's coat) and 1 Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one.) I STILL play Tetris with reckless abandon. (Thank you Facebook for giving me an unnecessary addiction.) And I whole-heartedly believe that Han shot first. (Google it.) I am now and will forever be a nerd. And you know what, I'm so fine with that.

So even though I, like most other heterosexual females, find pretty boy, eye-candy appealing, it should come as no surprise that I often prefer an average looking nerdy guy.

I have dated across the spectrum. I'm dated model looking guys. And I've dated nerdy guys whose friends didn't believe we were dating. I am equal opportunity across race, hotness and nerd-ness.

That being said, my current "celebrity" crushes are Moss and Roy from The IT Crowd.

I know...I know...If it helps, neither Richard Ayoade or Chris O'Dowd are as geeky in their real lives as they are on the show...or maybe they are...I'm in either way.

I L-O-V-E LOVE them. Geeky UK IT guys. How am I NOT supposed to love them? I stumbled upon the The IT Crowd on Netflix a while back. I proceeded to watch every episode repeatedly to the point when I know most of the dialogue for every episode. RIght around the time I think that I've grown tired of them, I'll find myself randomly giggling about something from the show and then decide to have a mini-marathon.

I will say that the show is British humour (the extra "U" makes it fancy) at its finest. And as such, I don't think it necessarily translates well in some instances. For instance, my favorite episode is not even remotely PC. And I don't know that a lot of America would find it as funny as I do. Nonetheless, I laugh HARD every single time I watch this episode. Roy and Moss are my long-standing geeky crushes. And should I ever run into either of them, I can't promise I won't have a complete fan girl moment. I'm not ashamed.

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Anonymous said...

I love those boys so hard too! Now I feel like a re-watch.