Thursday, July 14, 2011

I. Am. Obsessed.: We Heart Toya

I absolutely LOVE photography. I am constantly inspired by photographs of funky people, vintage clothes, candid shots of entertainers, and other artistic randomness. I go gah gah over street style shots and can spend hours looking them up online trying to find things to inspire my own style.  So when I stumbled across the blog Le Coil, I was in funky street style photo heaven. It was from there that I discovered my latest obsession

We Heart It is this rad (I've been saying rad a lot lately. Is it back? Like I care. Regardless, I'm bringing it back along with "the bees knees") website where you can "heart" online photos. I am often inspired by photography and was considering starting a Tumblr website of my own. With this site I can just collect photos as I see them on various websites! You add the Heart site to your Bookmark bar and when you see something you "heart" you click on the bar and then click on the photo. It then goes directly to your page.  You can also view a live stream of photos being added by other users and heart those as well.  A-mazing! As happy as I am that I found it, this has not helped me in stepping up to Jon Acuff's challenge in Quitter to be as focused on my 9-5 as I am pursuing my dream job.  It is a struggle trying to keep myself from spending hours on this website during the day but I've managed. 

To check out my page of photos I heart and am inspired by, go to

 You can set up an account and follow myself and others.  If you decided to also become shamefully unproductive for hours on join this site, let me know and I'll be sure to follow you too. I'd love to see what you all heart as well.

This is Tia. I completely and utterly blame Toya for this. I hardly have enough time to introduce another obsession. Yet, here I sit. *sigh* I'm going back to work now. 


AptLife said...

@ Tia, are you a Being Human fan or just an Aidan Turner one? I see that pic in there!

Tia and Toya said...

I am both. I don't know if you've seen all of the episodes. So in case you haven't I won't say anything more.

I am NOT, however, a fan of the US version of Being Human. It is a POORLY done remake of a great show.

- Tia

AptLife said...

I have seen (and have) ALL of the eps. I love that dang show! And Turner's working on the Hobbit, so I'm still weeping for my ship Annie & Mitchell :(

I only saw the pilot for the US version and I kept rolling my eyes. I figured I was better off not continuing with it.

Christine said...

poo! I'm already waist deep in Pinterest:

ToyaBGLU said...

OMG Christine you will not destroy me with Pinterest. No ma'am. I clicked that off so fast. I cannot.