Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Black Girls Like Us Is on Spotify!- Toya

I'm working. I swear I am.  However, being as though I am a former DJ and Spotify allows you to make playlists, my mind will not stop racing because now BGLU is on Spotify!!!! So today I started making these playlists:

1. We Miss Amy Winehouse- features Frank, Back to Black, live cuts, and some house mixes that I am salty I never knew existed.
2. Past BGLU You Should Know Artists- You remember when we hipped you to Adele waaaaaaaay back in the day? On this playlist you will see some other artists that we put you on to before everyone else got hip.
3. For the Love of Boy Bands- You already know: New Kids on the Block, New Edition, Hi-Five, *Nsync and some others.

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Have any playlists ideas? Let us know!


Lei said...

Man I wish I was able to download stuff at my job, because I was so looking forward to listening to your playlist.

In other news, getting amped for my NKOTBSB concert this Sunday. Been having dreams about Mister Donnie all week long. :)

E. said...

Finally on Spotify, about to see what the fuss is about.