Friday, July 29, 2011

And Now Today's Message from Minister John Mayer- Toya

This picture in itself is doing the work of an evangelist because it is ministering tears of laughter right now.

What I love about lyrics and written words like the Bible is that you can read or hear something over and over again and get something different from time to time. Today has been A DAY. Actually these past 3 years have been A DAY.  And on most days I need a soundtrack and most days that is some sort of John Mayer record.  Today I couldn’t seem to get off  the song “Wheel” and this lyric:

“You can’t build a house of leaves and live like it’s an evergreen .” -From the Book of Heavier Things Track 10: Verse 2

Two things about Evergreens: 1) God created them. 2) He created them to last year round. 

What I take this to mean (and mind you this is just my interpretation maybe because of where I am in life) is you can’t take a bunch of dead stuff that is past its season and try to make it look like something that was built to last year round. A lot of times we do this with friends, failed efforts, relationships. Some things and some people weren’t meant to last past a season.
“It’s just a season thing. It’s just this thing that seasons do.”

Church, touch your neighbor and say "seasons".

Sorry I got a little carried away and thought I was actually in church for a second. But for real, how do we look like trying to pile a bunch of leaves and saying to God "I know you got the tree game on lock and You make everything perfect in its time but doesn't this look like an evergreen? Can't I just use this?  Doesn't this look just like Your tree?" My point is it takes a lot of futile effort for us to try to create and make things happen in our time that can't compare with what God will bring about in its perfect time effortlessly. And what He makes last.  You just have to wait your turn.  

"I believe that my life's gonna see
The love I give return to me"

I almost got my check book out. Do they have John Mayer tithe envelopes on his site?


Andrea said...

This post was for me today! Thanks.

Bianca said...

Toya!!!!!! Girl, this post was on point! I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!!