Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Recap: NKOTBSB Hits Nashville- Toya

I'm just gonna go ahead and say this: The NKOTBSB show last night was the most fun show I have ever been to in my entire life.  I didn't expect that at ALL.  I knew it was going to be fun because Tia and I were there together but never in a million years did I think that these two groups could do a show together and I wouldn't be yawning waiting for the Backstreet Boys to finish their set .  As one who works in concert production, I have to say that both acts did an excellent job of keeping the show well balanced, seamless, and exciting the entire time.  And now that I have given a somewhat professional opinion, let me get to what I know we all want to talk about:

Those boys are FINE!!!!!!  I mean every last one of them.  A friend of mine, who is friends with Jordin Sparks who opened for them, said she was only going to stay for her set and leave.  She's not a fan of either NKOTB or BSB.  I told her "Let me tell you why you need to stay: because you like men. Trust me, you will enjoy yourself."  She wasn't able to attend and I hate that she missed it.   Here are some random thoughts as well as some highlights from my play by play on Twitter:
  • The "You Make Me Glad My Gaydar Has No Batteries" Award goes to: Jonathan Knight.  I now have a crush on Jonathan Knight with an expiration date of June 30th because if I have a crush on one more gay man, I am seeking therapy.  It's become a pattern, I'm afraid.  Here in Nashville there is a frog's hair thin line between metrosexual and homosexual. I have said this before and I will stick by it: Jon Knight is the FINEST member of NKOTB, NKOTBSB, AME, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, whatever! Pictures don't do him a lick of justice.  It's appalling how good looking he is. But that's not why I am a new fan. During the show they came out and walked through the crowd and I suddenly turned 14. As he walked past us, I stuck my hand out, quickly got embarrassed and stepped back.  He walked passed me, then took a few steps back, looked for me and then smiled and extended hand.  Yeah, it's a wrap. It's Jon Knight all day and tomorrow but not past the end of the month. 
  • The Best Come Up of the Century Award: This night was full of surprises for Tia and me and one major surprise was the "Comeuppance" of Nick Carter.  Nick Carter came out and Tia and I kept slapping each other on the arm like "What the heck happened to Nick Carter? Who is this?!?!" I'm still in shock.  For the first time in the history of the world, Nick Carter asked "Am I sexual?" during "Backstreet's Back" and in unison we gave an emphatic yes.  What's really happening in the world?
  • The Best Act of the Night Award goes to: It's a tie really.  Now we know that this tour is not about competition but depending on what band you are a fan of, you are going to want the band you love most to kill during this tour.  I will say this: While NKOTB are the better performers (their rhythm gives them the edge by far), BSB just has better hits.  They may not all be my favorite songs but I will admit that the majority of them are better songs. They are winning with "I Want It That Way" alone so let's not even talk about how their ballads edge out NKOTB's ballads. NKOTB's uptempos are more enjoyable however and even if they weren't there is one thing NKOTB has of which BSB has no equivalent:

 Jordan Knight.  I must have yelled "SANG JORDAN" about five times like I was in a Pentecostal church during "I'll Be Loving You Forever". He's still got it. But even without a Jordan Knight BSB held their own and that's why it's a tie.
  • The "You Didn't Have to Embarrass Him Like That" Award goes to: Donnie Wahlberg. When he tore his shirt off shortly after Nick Carter came out first and tried to bare his little young chest, there was no competition. Donnie Wahlberg is 40+ and killin' 'em right now.  Unless those were spray on abs, it is safe to say that Donnie and every last one of the New Kids have BSB beat in the fitness department.  I don't know what kind of routine Danny "I eat, sleep, and breathe the gym" Wood has them on but their ab game is TIGHT.
  • The "I Was Doing Alright Until You Did This" Award goes to: Brian Littrell who is HILARIOUS to watch in concert. Because I respect the covenant that is marriage, I try to choose my words respectfully when it comes to Brian.  I was real cool until he came out dressed like this...
There is something about a dude in a nice fitting wife beater, baggy jeans and a fitted cap that blesses me.  He was giving me what I now like to call "Teenage Dream" when he stepped out like this.  You know the giggles you used to get when you were a teenager, watching them on TRL?  Clutch the pearls and "don't ever look back, don't ever look back"!
  • Favorite Song of the Night Award: "If You Stay" by The Backstreet Boys.  This was on the Booty Call soundtrack and I didn't expect them to perform this.  I have been doing The Dougie all day at my desk with this song on repeat since this morning. 
  • Awkward Moment of the night:  Donnie came to the front of the stage not far from where we were.  Tia and I pulled in real tight next to each other to umm...get a better look (for shame, for shame).  Upon which, Donnie looked at us and kept smiling really hard.  He then walked over to Joey, pointed us out who then looked over at us smiled said something back and looked back over.  We have no idea what that was about.  Could that have been "Hey aren't those the girls who were clowing me on that website that one time?"  All I know is that every time he came over and stood in front of Tia I prayed "Jesus be a fence around her lady parts". He already tweeted that he wants to get a house in Nashville.  If he moves here I am getting a Lo Jack system installed in Tia's cell phone.  You already know.

The "You Sleep In an Oxygen Tank, Don't You"Award goes to: Howie Dorough. Seriously he looks about 26. It's scary.  

Don't miss this tour if you are an NKOTB/BSB fan, even if you like one much more than another.  You will not be disappointed.  As one who really was fine if she never saw another NKOTB show ever again, I'd go see this tour as many times as I could if I was able to.  It's not one to miss. And speaking of missing something, shockingly enough this show is so good that we forgot that Kevin Richardson was ever in BSB.  That says a lot for us.

Have you been to the NKOTBSB tour yet?  If so, chime in and let us know what you think about it.


Danielle said...

Oooooh I'm so jealous! I would love to see Jordan in person.

AptLife said...

You don't even know how much I LOVE this review. I wish I was there acting 13 (BSB era) all over again for both groups, but this review has me kinda feeling like I was there.

Girl, Jon got you too huh? He was always my fav New Kid since I was a kid, but damn that man is too...:fans self: Yeah, let me calm down.

I just wish my boo Kevin was there. I would have totally been cool with him coming back temporarily to do the tour, and then leave to go back to doing whatever he's doing.

Donnie?! You guys are too much! I'm pretty bad because I would NOT have been a shield between the two. I ship Tia/Donnie. :)

seabeau said...

*sigh* you two make life enjoyable. i love looking through your lenses, i felt like i was at the concert! this post made me want to be there so i could do some disco-spinnin! ;)

Niki said...

Sounds like the concert was fabu! They are coming to my neck o' the woods on 7/17. Wish I had a friend to go with who would have as much fun there as you two had!

P.S. Donnie wants to have a crib in Nashville now, huh? Tia, your boy is coming for you! LOL

Christina said...

I have seen the NKOTBSB show 3 times and am going to see it 3 more times. Maybe 4 more times if I can swing. Loved your review of the show. I agree that I had the most fun that I have ever had at a concert at this show too. The energy from both groups is off the hook. I personally think that NKOTB out perform BSB but that's just my opinion. I will say, that having seen the opening night of the tour, NKOTB has definitely made BSB step up the game. They went from bringing one girl up onstage to bringing up 4 and giving them all roses. They also added in "Get Down" in place of "Bye Bye Love" which I believe is to have more uptempo numbers in the show.

I talked to the musical director for the show and he was telling me how he and Donnie make pretyy much all of the final decisions for the show. He said Donnie is a visionary and is one of the few people involved who sees and understands the big picture. That just makes me love Donnie more. I really hope that this tour makes it in the list of top tours of 2011 because it definitely deserves to be.

Lindsey said...

I am DEVASTATED that I was not there. I mean honestly, to have missed my boys from Boston is unexcusable. Glad to vicariously live it through your recap :-)

Lei said...

"Jesus be a fence around her lady parts" Trying hard not to bust out the gut laugh here at work.
I can not wait to see this concert. BSB was my little sister's very 1st concert at the ripe old age of 10 (she is now 22). Out of any artist I have seen BSB the most times and was never ever dissapointed. The very last one was a last min decision. I brought tickets 4 hrs before showtime and took my sis with me. We felt like we were at a huge party. We had so much fun.
She is now debating on whether or not she wants to go this concert. I am hoping I can persuade her by gifting her ticket, because I know we will have so much fun. We did last year at NKOTB's.

ToyaBGLU said...

Lei, let her read our reviews of the show. Hopefully that will persuade her. I mean, look at those pictures!

Lei said...

My buying her ticket was enough persuasion for her. She will just be getting back from Florida the week before and wouldn't have the money to go. So problem solved. Already set up a rental car, don't trust my car, we are on our way.

Lo said...

i've been to a nkotb concert and have actually hung out with donnie. holy cow what a tool. this was like a year ago when i was a newly 18 year old and he had (who i think was a security guy) slip me a note hahaha, i was shocked. i got a ton of pics with him though!!!!

Elaine said...

Oh my Lord Toya...seriously, could u make me laugh any more this morning?! I just saw the concert last night and it was the most fun I've had in YEARS at a show. At one point I was acting such a fool that I had to pause and be like "who AM I???" I acted a plum fool. They brought Boys II Men out and nearly LOST MY MIND, and definitely lost my voice.

Cicely said...

I saw it a week and half ago in Louisville and I am still dreaming about Donnie's ads. And I'm not even a Donnie girl, I'm a Joe Mac girl!
But, it was an amazing show. A lot of sistas came out for it.

Niche said...

LOVED this review. QUITE hilarious. I went to the DC, Baltimore, AND Hershey tour dates cause this tour was that damn good to me. Perfection.

Mazraz said...
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Mazraz said...

I'm telling you... the best thing i did today is search on google Donnie Wahlberg chest (don't ask :))because it lead me to this review and ur blogs!!!!! i haven't laughed so hard on my own for a lonnnnngggg time!! Sooo the boys (i say boys) are gonna be releasin uk dates for the NKOTBSB shows and i have to say if i did have doubts about attended... (yeah right) this has made up my mind lol!!! Hoooott Dammmnnn!! this review has wet my appetite and i cant wait for spring 2012!!!!! America need to wake up, you girls need ur own show nuff said!!! x