Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"La la la la la la Tonight!"- The NKOTBSB Tour Hits Nashville
Confession: I absolutely HATE "Tonight" by NKOTB (the song I just referenced). Not only that, if it was guaranteed that I wouldn't hear "Hangin' Tough", "Cover Girl", or "Summertime", I'd be absolutely ecstatic.  Now I may be able to make it through the night without hearing "Cover Girl" but being as though "Hangin' Tough" is the NKOTB anthem and today marks the first day of Summer, it's inevitable that I will hear all three. 

Thinking about the songs that I don't want to hear tonight got me thinking about the NKOTB songs that I DO want to hear.  As I got to thinking, there is a slim chance that I will hear any of my favorites tonight.  Take this one for instance:

Jordan is killing me softly with that Jon B haircut.   Here's another one I most likely won't hear tonight:

I would lose my entire mind if they sang this tonight.  Being as though I was grounded during the Magical Summer Tour, my chances of ever hearing this live are slim to none.  Last on the list of songs I am sure I won' t hear tonight (or ever):

Please note that I after hearing this I am now making it my personal agenda to bring the words "def" and "fresh" back into society. That's gotta happen.  Regardless of what they sing or don't sing, a nostalgiaholic like myself is bound to have fun tonight regardless.  For live commentary from tonight's show, be sure to follow me on Twitter at @ToyaBGLU.  I would say follow Tia at @TiaBGLU but she will be too busy trying to use ESP to get Donnie's attention from the stage.

So we want to know: What are some of your favorite New Kids songs?


Christina said...

Some of my fave NKOTB songs are "Keep On Smilin", "Dirty Dancing", "Baby Don't You Give Up On Me". There are tons more but those are just a few. I actually still like "Cover Girl" and "Summertime". Surprising that I still like "Summertime" after listening to it for 7 hrs straight while waiting for the NKOTB meet n greet at the Mall of America.

Lei said...

"Baby Don't You Give Up On Me"-what that was my song! I always would try to outsing the girl at the end. Joey was showing and proving even back then with his voice