Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Prince!

Confession: Prince is the only man, THE ONLY MAN, that could say some stuff to me that I would sooner spray somebody in the face with mase in broad daylight over.  That scream at 4:31 is the reason why it is not safe to watch Prince videos at work.  For a split second I feared that I was going to lose my mind and take my top off. I need this job!  Anyway, here are my top 10 favorite Prince songs of all time (revised from last year):

1. When 2 R In Love- Lord please let me future husband be a Prince fan because this song right here is necessary.
2. The Ballad of Dorothy Parker- There is a part in this song, about the second verse, that I rewind at least 6 times whenever I listen to it. This song is all around clever.
3. Crazy U- I think this song is less than 3 minutes long. It's very sweet.
4. Housequake- I was having a not so hot day a few days ago and Michael Baisden played it out the blue. No warning, nothing. I have no idea what I was upset about. I don't even want to know how I looked to the people driving around me cause I went absolutely nuts.
5. Adore- Obviously.
6. Pop Life- I remember almost running up and smacking a DJ upside the head for playing this one night. This song is always on time.
7. Lady Cab Driver- Ok I know the end is a bit umm...questionable. But the rest of it is funky!
8. Girls and Boys- Under the Cherry Moon may be one of the worst movies ever made (Wrecka Stow) but it yielded some of my favorite songs. This is one of them.
9. Anotherloverholeinyahead- Another song off of Under the Cherry Moon that I love.
10. Slow Love- Refer to #1

Honorable mention: Untitled (How Does It Feel) -D'Angelo and Until the End of Time by Justin Timberlake. The best songs Prince never wrote.

Those are my ten! What are yours?- Toya


deevinej23 said...

I saw his Royal Purple Badness a couple of weeks ago when he came back to the Bay Area during his 21 nite stand shows in LA. We were all swoonin like never before. Prince will 4-ever have IT!!

Here's my 10 (kinda hard to whittle down, oh and not in order)

1. I Would Die 4 U

2. Batdance (Sounds like 3 songs in 1...genius! Plus I heart Batman)

3. Take Me With U

4. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

5. Housequake (Must do a funky dance to this song. Mad he didn't perform it the night I was there cuz I was ready)

6. Erotic City (asks for forgiveness for liking this song. Remembers singing it out loud as a child. Glad parents never heard me. At least I censored myself.)

7. Diamonds and Pearls

8. Hot Thing (Always thought the song sounded like "Hyper or Hypa Thang" Even when he sang it in concert, that's what I heard. Q-Tip please!)

9. Anotherloverholenyohead

10. The Dance (I wanna slow dance with Prince to this song lol!)

Marcie Roxx said...

Omg! I love prince!!

My Top 10 Prince Songs

10. I would die for you
9. Darling Nikki
8. Scandalous
7. Beautiful Ones
6. Under The Cherry Moon
5. 3 Chains o gold
4 Love 2 the 9s
3 Computer Blue
2. U got the look
1. Purple Rain

Did I mention that I love Prince!! :)

ToyaBGLU said...

YES to that Love 2 the 9s!!! I love that song!