Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things - Tia
It's a slow night for me. It's stupid hot here. And since I spent the earlier part of the day outside I figured I would stay in and write about stuff I like. Since Oprah is off of the air, my favorite things will have to suffice. 

OPI Shatter
I'm really hard on my hands. I'm not sure how or why. But if I get a manicure it's usually chipped the next day. So I'm not really a big nail polish person. At least I wasn't until I discovered Shatter. Now I do my nails on a pretty frequent basis. 

Shatter is so fun. I have done my nails about 6 different colors in the past 4 weeks. That's a lot for me as I am pretty low maintenance. (Honestly, I shop at Target and skip make-up in the summer. I'm no one's fashionista.) I think because I have four different colors of Shatter I feel compelled to do my nails more often. I will say that the black has the best shatter effect. The red is pretty good also. I was underwhelmed by the white but it wasn't too bad. The silver hardly cracked at all but it'll do. 

There are some other brands that have a "shatter" effect but I haven't tried them yet. If anyone has tried them let me know how well they work. 

Here's a link to a demo in case you want to see it before you buy it. 

The Killing
I have to admit that I was brainwashed into washing "The Killing". AMC played the commercials incessantly. If I remember correctly, they started playing them during "The Walking Dead" months before. So I found myself watching it the night of the premier. Thankfully it is REALLY good. Every week I find myself tuning to get just the smallest nugget of information about who killed Rosie Larsen. But I would be remiss if I didn't mention one of my favorite things about the show: Joel Kinnaman. 

My Lord and My God. This man takes me through it EVERY, SINGLE WEEK! He's that dirty kind of hot. The kind of hot that would make out with you but hold onto to his beer the whole time. His character is vegetarian who eats maple bacon doughnuts and a former addict. He's a bit complicated to say the least. And just when you think he's a total jerk he shows you a side of him that makes him more endearing. I love him in a special way. 

A friend of mine sent me the video below of Joel speaking about education in his native Swedish. Yeah...we can add Sweden to the list of the places I want to visit. 

PSYCH - Season 5
Psych is hands down one of my favorite shows of all time. I DVR it religiously and won't erase it until the season I have on DVR comes out on DVD. My DVR can be 99% full and Psych stays. 

Season 5 just came out on Tuesday. I have not done much this evening but watch old episodes. I mean, how can I NOT love a show that had Boyz II Men sing their theme song? Plus Dule Hill and James Roday are so cute. 

The Hunger Games
Once again, I'm late on the current must read. I did the same thing with "Twilight." I had never heard of the The Hunger Games Trilogy until a couple of weeks ago when I saw something about it on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. But I had a couple of people tell me I HAD to read them. So I picked up the first book yesterday. I started reading it and was up until 2 this morning. I can not put it down. If you have any sort of inner geek and like stories with strong female characters, you'll love "The Hunger Games."

What are you watching/reading/painting/doing? Hit us up in the comments section and weigh in. 


nikki7 said...

Loved Hunger Games! Thanks for the heads up on Psych. And Lord have mercy on that yummy man. Sweden? Yes!

Lei said...

I will be picking up my Pysch Season 4 for $20 at Target today. I know I am late, but I am also cheap. This is also the only "new" series that I buy every season. I kind of dropped off of The Office after Season 5. As soon as Pysch Season 5 goes on sale, I will be getting that as well.

As for Hunger Games, I read the first two wayyy before they every came out on the shelf(perks of working at B&N) and was dying waiting for the 3rd. So now that it is out, what have I done, procrastinated. I need to get on it..After I catch up with No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

E. said...

I love Psych so much. It's turning ridiculous but sometimes when they focus more on Gus and Shawn's relationship than anything else, it gets back to the way it's supposed to be.

Anyway, sad to say I'm not really reading. I have a copy of 'Sippi that I bought months ago on a recommendation but I haven't read past the prologue.

TV-wise though, I'm pretty busy. Nearly all of my regular season shows are either on hiatus or, like the majority, canceled (Chicago Code! *cries*). Otoh, I have Game of Thrones for another two weeks (thank you Lord for Khal Drogo) and a bunch of Korean dramas to keep me company. They do two episodes a week, and with five shows a week--well, it's a wonder I get any real work done.