Monday, May 30, 2011

My 3rd favorite song of the moment - Tia
(Before you even ask, Brkn Rbtz's Tonight and The Wanting are currently my number 1 and 2 favorite songs respectively.)

I like Lupe Fiasco. He doesn't conform and that's always refreshing. And he just flat out makes good music. I've been a fan for a while. I listened to Kick, Push until I was sick of it. A song about a brother on a please. 

I've never quite understood "black" radio's hesitation in embracing Lupe. He's not calling females out of their names. He raps about engaging community. And he's NOT wack. How is that Wacka can get played 19 times a day, while rapping about nothing edifying (and doing it poorly I might add) yet Lupe almost gives up on his career entirely partly because he's getting shown no love by radio or his label? I guess that's another conversation for another time. 

I know this song came out last October, but I still love it. And hearing it on the radio the other day (a pop radio station...insert heavy sigh here) has made me put it on repeat for at least the rest of the week. Take a listen below. I dare you to not let this song make you happy. 

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