Sunday, May 8, 2011

God Loves Lady Gaga - Tia

Lady Gaga gets on each and every last one of my nerves. I have a low tolerance for people who are extra. And she is THE MOST extra. I mean, I swear she gets up in the morning and thinks, "What can I do to be THE MOST today?" For example.  

But I give credit where credit is due. She CAN actually sing. Granted, you have to close your eyes so as not to be distracted by her hijinks and shenanigans. And from what I've heard she actually writes her own songs. I'm always impressed by songwriting ability. You'd think as a blogger for the better part of a decade that I could easily pen a song. Wrong. I know toddlers who make up better songs than I can write. But singing and songwriting ability aside, she's not my forte. And frankly, she tires me out and scares me a bit. 

However, regardless of my personal feelings toward her, she is a child of God. She is created in his image. 
Genesis 1:27 - So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them. 

And since I call myself an ambassador of Christ by being a follower of his teachings, I am called to love her and every other "extra" person on this Earth. 
Galatians 5:14 - For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: "Love your neighbor as yourself."

Gaga was recently in Nashville and the "God hates F****" people showed up. I can not begin to tell you how truly grieved I was when I found out. I don't like it when one persons tries to speak for all black women (looking at you Ms. 8 Reasons to Date a White Man.) And I most certainly don't like it when one person or a small group of people try to speak for all Christians. These folks claim to be followers of Jesus Christ yet they spew the most hate-filled rhetoric I've ever heard in my entire life. The very nature of what they say and do goes against everything that Christ taught and who he was. If memory serves there were no caveats on Jesus' teachings. He did not say, "Love you neighbor if..." I don't remember reading, "My command is this: Love each other as long as...." And I certainly don't recall John 3:16 reading, "For God so loved the straight, Western Christians of the world that he gave his only son."

Christ made it plain, we are to love God and love people. So I'm unclear how telling people that God hates them qualifies as love. 1 Corinthians 13 makes it very clear what love is supposed to be. 

I'm also unclear on what these people hope to accomplish with their hateful signs and attitudes. I'm sorry, but if someone hated me because of something I did, I would be more than a little inclined to avoid that person at all costs. I wouldn't want to change to be liked by them. So why would anyone want to worship a God who hates them or hates other people?

I don't want this post to turn into a debate about sexual orientation or the Illuminati or anything else. (Just so we're clear, I don't care about the Illuminati. Don't email me links about them. Don't preach to me about being vigilant. If they exist...FINE. But I'm more concerned about Jesus and being aware and mindful of things that I CAN change. And in my book some secret society in the dark does not fall into that category.) This is a post about a small yet very vocal minority who are doing a disservice to the name of Jesus Christ. And even if you don't profess Christianity, there are people in this world who are denigrating what love truly is and that should not sit well with anyone regardless of religious beliefs. 

I don't have to like what you do to love you. I can quite literally be diametrically opposed to what you stand for but I'm still called to love you. And love does not mean I have to co-sign on all that you do. And slinging hate at someone while hiding under the blanket of "I'm just telling the truth" is not love either. 
Ephesians 4:15 - Instead, we will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ

Love has to win. We can not stand idly by and let the hateful people of this world continue to make things worse. I personally refuse to sit back and do nothing anymore. Going forward I will walk in as much love as I can humanly muster. My prayer is that God will use me to extend his love to every person that I see. And because I don't live in a Disney movie, I know that this will not always be an easy task. I'm almost positive that some of the people who will comment on this post will test my resolve to love the second I hit "publish." But I have to believe that I can make my little corner of the world a little better by looking beyond the exterior, the extraness and everything else that can grate every single, solitary nerve and simply loving. And I challenge you to do the same. I promise you there are no shortage of opportunities to love on people in big and small ways. 

I hope Gaga comes back through these parts. I plan to have signs made that say, "God loves Gaga" and "God loves You." I need the voice of love to be louder than the voice of hate even if it is just on a small street corner in a country music town. 

1 John 2:9-10 - Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness. Anyone who loves their brother and sister lives in the light

1 John 3:18 - Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth

1 John 4:8 - Whoever does not love does not know God, because GOD IS LOVE. 

1 Corinthians 13:13 - And now these three remain: Faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 


Peachy said...

<3 LOVE this post :)
i laugh at most of gaga's antics and ignore the rest (meat dress).
p.s. also, "Christians" sometimes forget their's is only one of many interpretations of God. and that many homosexuals (self, included) identify as Christian, God-made and God-fearing... regardless and inclusive of who we love and what we "do."
*singing... i was born this way!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Lady Gaga. I have her 1st 2 CDs and listen to them daily!!!:):)

Tiffany said...

This is an awesome post. I'm not a big fan of Gaga and still don't understand her "Judas" video (though the chorus is stuck in my head), but I respect her a hell of a lot more than those Westboro Church people. They are genuine filth.

Spitfire said...

New reader/digital stalker of your blog. I applaud this post. I wish that the Christians like you were more vocal. I think many misconstrue the "WIN" in "win souls to Christ". It isn't meant to be combative, like fists throwing punches. It's meant to be encompassing, like arms giving hugs.
I appreciate this post and will be sharing it with others. Thanks BGLU.