Friday, May 6, 2011

Can We Talk?: Jumping the Broom Opens This Weekend

Hey everyone, this is Toya.  I cannot stress the importance of going to see Jumping the Broom this weekend, opening weekend.  Much like when you support an artist the week of a new release, going to see a movie on opening weekend is like voting.  You are saying that you want to see more of these types of movies made.  Not just these movies, but you are also saying that you want to see more actors of color in movies as well.  Tia and I are planning to get a gang of girls together and we hope that you will consider doing the same.

I've seen some reviews and let's be honest here:  So many times I have read poor reviews of movies that I have absolutely loved.  For instance I remember reading bad reviews about Brown Sugar.  I don't doubt that these reviews were from critics who just don't get it.  So take it upon yourselves this weekend to let your voice be heard and go support this movie this weekend.  Be sure to come back and let BGLU know what you thought about it too.


Udara said...

I'm definitely going to see it this weekend. Between your blog and nyc/caribbean ragazza's blog, I've been counting down to day of release.

Chrissy said...

It was lighthearted & cute with some great one liners-much better than a Tyler Perry film. ;)