Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Toya’s Random Musings

1. Happy…I almost said Monday and it’s Tuesday. I am feeling a day behind for some reason. I am fasting for a week and Friday is pay day so feeling a day ahead is a good look. A friend of mine called a time  of prayer and fasting for the men in our lives and it was quite timely because I am really concerned about a good number of them. If I go on a liquid fast you KNOW it’s a CODE RED. Pray my strength please. The weather is warm and all I want to do is go to San Antonio Taco Company and then cap off my night with some Pinkberry.

2. I have been loving me some Nashville lately! It’s just been so fun in this town for the past few weeks. First of all my favorite band who makes the most perfect music, The Foreign Exchange (Phonte and Nicolay), showed up for a Red Bull Music Academy Session and winded up doing a show at the monthly old school hip hop set Boom Bap for FIVE BUCKS. Are you freaking kidding me?! This all happened in 48 hours.

Phonte called it the "No Set List" show and it was just that. Hilarious! We called out songs, he tried to remember the words and had us in stitches. Nevertheless it was such a fun night and they are both very nice guys.

Then on Sunday our boy Kevin Perryman and the ladies over at All Most Famous had a fashion show at The Citizen that set off Nashville’s first ever Fashion Week (which featured Kelly Cutrone, Betsey Johnson and Christian Siriano) to present Tidwell and Perryman’s When We Were Young line.

OK I don't know much about fashion but I love the concept of this line. It was great and I told Kevin that I need one of those blazers in “fun sized”.

Best. Weekend. Ever. Shame I don't have pictures. I am terrible about that.

What I really loved about this weekend is that it caused me to reflect on my past ten years in Nashville. Nashville has changed so much. As I walked through T&P’s fashion show, I kept stopping and talking to people that I have gotten to know since I moved here. My friends always tease me and say I know everybody and while I won’t say I know everybody, I will now admit after that weekend that I do know a lot of people. I don’t say that to be braggadocios because I don’t find knowing a lot of people anything to brag about. I’m blessed to have a very limited number of loyal and wonderful inner circle friends. My point is that I would’ve never known that I could love my life here in Nashville as I do right now. It was neat to reflect back on how all of the connections have been made. I am truly grateful.

Now watch me get an offer I can’t refuse and move to LA. I’m just saying. Stranger things have happened. Hey, I’m open.

3. I will not worry about my family I will not worry about my family I will not worry about my family I will not worry about my family I will not worry about my family I will not… One of the best things I have ever done is to release my loved ones to God and remember that those are His kids not mine. It’s difficult sometimes but it’s doable.

4. I can’t forgive Drake for messing up what could have been a really awesome girl empowering song, Nicki Minaj’s “Moment For Life”. Everything is not hot because Drake is on it. I can’t. Is there a version without him on it? I mean, Da Brat is out of jail now. Can we get a remix?

5. Speaking of rap, let me confess that I can’t help but like Lil’ ….OMG I can’t even type it. I have even shocked myself. *breathe* *sigh* Ok, I actually like Lil’..W-a-y…that dude on Young Money’s verse on Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now”. I, I don’t know why but it kills as does his verse on “6 foot 7”. “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna”??? Come on! Even I can admit his flow on that is crazy.

6. And speaking of C-Breezy…

I am crazy about this song and video. I haven’t liked a thing from him since “Crawl”. This is more on my level.

7. I think the world would be a much better place if people would come to the conclusion that you don’t have to agree with someone to love them.

8. Every romantic fling I have ever had has happened in the spring/summer months. It’s difficult to not let my mind drift when I leave the house at night and it’s warm out. What’s not difficult is to remember how some of those things ended and then go about my business. *Shudders*

9. I just got a Facebook message about my 20th high school reunion this year. *blank stare* I need to invest in a really good eye cream in the very near future.

10. “Procrastination is a thief”. I heard Joyce Myer say this while I was getting ready for work today and tripping over laundry that I was supposed to put up on Sunday. She aint never lied. Unlearning procrastination is on the top of my list for the week. Am I the only one who thinks that life is more manageable after a good nap?

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