Friday, April 8, 2011

In Today's Bullshishery News: 46 Percent of Mississippi Republicans Want Interracial Marriage Banned (Taken from

Show of hands if you read that headline and thought/yelled/said “What year are we in?!”

Show of hands if you got distracted by dude’s David Silver haircut in the photo and had a moment.

Are they serious?  I just…I mean. Look, it remains to be seen if my husband will be white, Puerto Rican, black, are all of the above (ooooh I would NOT hate that) but I am just in awe that the number was that high! I really was. What’s killing me is the word “illegal”; like you should go to jail for it. Like if they could vote to make interracial marriage illegal right now in 2011, they would try to make that happen. Unbelievable. To read what really went down check out the article here.

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