Monday, April 11, 2011

Hot Fun in the Summertime: Toya's Natural Hair Journey

Ok I know it's not quite summertime yet but here in Nashville we get about 2 weeks of spring before it's blazing hot. It was 91 degrees here this past weekend! Gorgeous weather however my hair was not that happy with the heat.

I realized that I have been putting a lot of creamy products in my hair that have been weighing my hair down and thus causing it to stay wet most of the day. I decided to go to the beauty supply store and find an old standby product that I completely forgot about: Emergency 911 Leave In Conditioner which is a liquid. I haven't heard any Curlies mention this product but it is the TRUTH. Instant curls. I do miss my trusty Cantu Leave In Conditioner though. I just simply don't have time to dry my hair in the morning (read:won't make time to get up earlier) so I had to come up with an even easier wash n' go routine. Here's what else I am using now:

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask: This really did well on my hair this past weekend. it recommends leaving some in hair as a styling aid but my hair didn't really take well to that. I am going to continue to use their Curl Enhancing Smoothie though.

Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt: Love it and have for years. Good definition without the crunch and great shine.

Urban Therapy De-Frizz Conditioner (for co-wash): I went to FIVE Walgreen's before I found this. Every other store only had the styling aids which I haven't read good reviews about. This conditioner is so good though! Wait, why didn't I get two?

Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic: While this product does pretty well on my hair, it's almost an after thought. Not sure that when I run out I will want to replenish it without trying something else to take its place. In the meantime, I paid almost $30 for this joint so I am using it up.

I talked about getting bored with accessories earlier and remembered that my friend Anne Marie got me this barrette for Christmas last year that our friend Melissa made:

I really wanted to rock something else besides flowers so this did the trick. Feathers will jazz up almost any outfit. Looking forward to getting more of these soon.  Pretty sure my hair is still wet in this pic. It's a bit bigger once it's dry and picked out. I no longer am tripping about putting chemicals in my hair to stretch out the curl. Thanks so much everyone for encouraging me not to do so. I would've never known how beautiful, healthy and curly that it truly is on its own! If you are contemplating going back to the Creamy Crack, let me offer these words from some great philosophers of our time, Wilson Phillips:

I know that there is pain but you hold on for one more day and
Break free from the chains

Don't you know things can change, things'll go your way
If you hold on (insert Mariah Carey finger here) for one more day
If you hold on

Stay strong.


lalaG said...

i needed this blog! im having issues with my hair. thanks for the list of products/suggestions.

erb41478 said...

I just started my natural hair journey in sept 2010, it definitely is a struggle, thanks for the product advice