Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Joey Lawrence, SitchoA$$down - Tia

(Insert heavy sigh here) I'm so tired of the birther debate that I don't know what to do. While I know it's standard politics to point out the flaws of the current president, I've never in my entire voting life seen so much malice thrown at a Commander in Chief over such a non-issue. And I'm always stunned by the number of republicans who truly believe that President Obama wasn't born in this country. Seriously??? This is what we're debating?

But I wasn't really surprised that Donald Trump decided to weigh in on the president's birthplace. We as a country grow tired quickly of our buffoons and we needed someone fresh to replace the outdated windbag that Sarah Palin had become. Enter: The Donald. To me this man is a personality and not a serious candidate for president. So I'm happy to sit back and let him burn his own bridges (good luck getting ANYONE on Celebrity Apprentice next season) and further muddle the waters of the GOP candidicy for the 2012 elections. (I especially love how he's now saying that the president didn't have the grades to get into Harvard and he's implying that it may have been affirmative action. Racist much? Want to ensure that every eligible black voter comes out to the polls in 2012? Go ahead and call the president dumb. FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS!) So we'll just let Donald talk himself into a hole so that we can soon be done with him. 

While I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I also believe that some people should keep their opinions to themselves. And I mean really, THIS GUY....THIS GUY?!?!?!?
Boy please. I need you go sit down somewhere and think about what you're saying. So you'd rather have someone who is a philanderer, with no political background and 3 major bankruptcies (that he openly admits he obtained to protect his own assets) than someone who is FAR MORE qualified and doing his best to clean up the mess that was left for him by the last administration? (It took us 8 years to get here son. It's not going to be cleaned up in 2 1/2 years.) Boy, Bye! I need to you, your skewed view of politics and your puzzling hair line (and shiny lips....what kind of gloss is that and where can I get it?) 


This concludes my political rant for the day...month. 

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Toya said...

*Speechless* I can't. I really cannot. When I read the headline of this post I knew Joey must have really screwed up to get put on blast like this. *Sigh* And how about I remember him being on Politically Incorrect one time where he got DISSED? He said something and one of the guest said "That is the dumbest idea I ever heard." and the audience clapped. I need to know what the other Lawrence brothers are doing because he is losing right now. Matthew was starting to come up towards the end of Boy Meets World.