Thursday, April 28, 2011

And the children shall lead them - Tia
(Y'all know it's a slow day when I post 3 times in one day.)

I go back and forth on how I feel about kids. Some days I want an Angelina and Brad sized brood. Other days, for instance on days when I sleep for 14 hours, my attitude is, "Children...HA! No, thank you." 

But when I see the babies moving like this I can't WAIT to have a uterus full of baby friend so that it can come out and I can immediately put it in dance classes six seconds after it takes its first steps.

These children are DOING IT! My favorite is T-Money. He's the little thick one. I will vote for the ICONic Boyz like it's the presidential election. 

Oh and random aside; Y'all know I LOVE, heart, te amo and everything else JC Chasez. But he is straight up haterific on this show. It's as if NOTHING pleases him. And he is quick to throw a back-handed compliment. He needs a good black woman *coughmecough* in his life. He'd not only be so much happier but he would write the songs of his LIFE. I'm saying, holla at me Boo. 

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