Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What About Your Friends?- Toya


That's all Melanie the Wise Pixie's email said after how I just happened to mention that perhaps I was going to consider stepping out and doing something risky. Cause when do I ever do anything risky? Seriously? And let's not even talk about Tia's response. You know how you can read someone's text and you hear their voice and inflection as you are reading it?


Bad idea jeans, Toya. Bad idea.

My dad has a saying that I've always hated and that is "Some people don't believe boo boo stinks".  I HATE when he says that. But how many of yall know that as you grow up you say the same stuff your parents did? Well, when it comes to everyone else's mess and not your own.

The last time I complained about not getting to have any fun, it cost me a good number of years to get over a mistake that EVERYONE warned me about. I need to remember that which is why this song is currently on repeat now:

And this is why I don't understand shows like Real Housewives But Nobody's A Housewife of  (insert city here). Everyone needs good friends. I have the kind of friends where there is no such thing as "it aint none of your business". We are not playin' with ratchetness. Tia already told me that as soon as we find it both of us are getting the Lowjack app on our phones.

If you have the kind of friends that always let you get away with your weaknesses, you need new friends. Real friends want you to rise and not fall. Real friends are real with you about your shortcomings. I have friends that are dealing with some serious issues and the friends they have only encourage them to do the very things they are trying to get over. That's not friendship. It's like that verse in the bible that says if your brother can't eat meat but you can, don't be selfish. Don't cause him to stumble. What might be right for you may not be right for some (shout out to Diffrent Strokes). We all have our weaknesses and real friends help you up.

I'm grateful for my friends that help me up. I'm kicking and screaming about it but I am grateful nonetheless.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go pout some more about why I never get to have any fun.

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