Monday, March 7, 2011

So Whatcha Whatcha Whatcha Want?- Toya
 Ok I posted this only to see that Tia posted the same video earlier this morning. It's so good though that I think it bears posting twice.

"I know why I've gained four pounds back" I told Tia during our BFF mani/pedi time this past weekend. "I'm spinning plates." You know how in the circus they have that guy that is spinning numerous plates at one time on different sticks?

I'm trying to lose weight, be positive, love annoying people, not randomly make out with boys, keep my finances straight, get to work on time and not let people drive me crazy. I'm trying to protect my peace of mind like a newborn baby, get off of Diet Coke, and keep my room clean. Something had to give. It just had to. Ok I am making excuses. Life is hard and all you can do is your best. Forget about "bi-winning" can I just win in one place at a time? I missed two Weight Watchers meetings because my schedule wouldn't allow me to go and when I got back I found out that I gained four pounds. The lady behind the counter who weighed me in was NOT happy. Not because I gained the weight, but because I was being really nonchalant about staying on the program. You can't have a goal and not take the necessary steps it takes to get there. You can't cut corners in your life and expect the same results. Which leads me to this video right here:

When it comes to relationships, not everyone wants the same thing so this video may not mean squat to you and that's more than cool. But for those that are saying that they want a certain type of guy but lend themselves to the wrong guys and the wrong kind of behavior, I hope this is of some encouragement. Because at some point you have to decide if being single is worse than the consequences of settling.  For some people it is and they compromise. No judgment here. It's all about what you want.  I got this video in my inbox and on my Facebook wall within 12 hours of contemplating bending my own rules all the while thinking that I could do so and still get what I want and be who I want to be. Just call me Miss Celie because I do believe that God was indeed trying to tell me something.


Lei said...

Can't wait till my lunch break to watch this. As much as singledom can get me down at times, the thought of being with someone I settled for scares me more. I always picture being with my "settlement" and watching what I really want show up when it is too late for me to do anything about it.

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