Monday, February 7, 2011

Relax (Don't Do It)-Toya
I was fully grown when the light bulb went off as to what this song was talking about. I was mid-sentence and went ooooooooooooooooooooh...OH MY GOSH! Yeah, remember when songs left a little bit to the imagination?

“You’re back!!!! Toya is back!!!!”

That’s what Tia said when she opened her door and saw me standing on the doorstep last week after I went back curly. "I feel like I'm back" I told her. Having my natural hair back has been the best feeling in the world. But even though I know I've made the best decision ever to go back curly, I have one small confession: I want a relaxer.

You see three years ago, my hair looked like this:

My hair was DELICIOUS!!! But here’s the kicker: that was fresh after I put one of those Just for Me kiddie perms in it.

I’ve been wearing my hair straight for two years and relaxed it once. It jacked up my curl pattern for a while and I was so distraught. I’m a little frightened that if I put a kiddie perm in it to loosen my curls like I used to do, it’s not going to go well. I’m sure I am just being impatient but this TWA (teeny weeny afro) is going to get old really soon.

And speaking of TWA, did you know there is a whole vocabulary that goes along with natural hair? For one, you have to know your hair type and there is a whole system for that that I was previously unaware of. For those in the know, I’m a 3c/4a (3c in the front and 4a in the back). There are tons of natural hair sites, clubs, coalitions, social networks, recipes for homemade products, types of natural hair, degrees of natural hair, etc. Folk are DEEP in this thing! Not only that, natural hair is big business. I went to Target and for the amount of some of their natural hair products, I could get a weave! Everyone’s hair is unique so finding the right combination of products to make your curls just right is very challenging and often expensive. My mom has been selling this organic coffee lately (think Pampered Chef/Mary Kay type of selling) and I just can’t get into it. But let somebody come up with a natural hair care pyramid selling type joint; I’d sign right up and would probably be able to quit my 9-5.

So far I’ve only managed to wrangle up some stuff that I still had in my bathroom cabinet to make my hair to look like something until I can get it cut. Here are the products I’m rocking until payday this week:

Cantu Leave In Conditioner: My hair looks awesome with this until the shrinkage monster sets in.
Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel: To slick my hair up into a curly ponytail around the kitchen and temple areas,
Elasta QP Glaze: For some definition and shine.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: That’s right. Straight up Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or EVOO as the sites call it). I literally heard my hair thank me when I put it on. It’s a wonder.

I really am loving my hair though. I’m so glad that I made the decision to go curly again. It’s been a relief. And even though I am getting impatient, I’m going to try my best to hold out for about six months and not put any chemicals in it. I think it will be worth it in the end.

For more info on going curly, check out these great websites:
Naturally Curly:
Curly Nikki:


Niki said...

EVOO and unrefined virgin coconut oil are the best things since sliced bread for me! Next time you are at Target, peep the Shea Moisture line of products. Every thing in their line is no more than $10-$11. I am in love with the curl-enhancing smoothie for my twist outs. I am *so* not going back to relaxing. May get a press just for a length check and to trim it up, but otherwise, it's twist-outs, braid-outs, and a big ass 'fro for me. If I want to change it up, I go get it braided or get a sew-in.

People are *serious* about natural hair these days, huh? LOL Basically, you just have to do find out what works for you.

melanie said...

i read about organic coconut oil being awesome for coarse hair - if you want, i know a site where you can get it for cheap - i use it for cooking, moisturizer, and deep conditioner. no joke. i intend to use it as a massage oil for my clients.

Sabrina said...

I wouldn't put a relaxer in if I were you. Its probably just going to make your hair even more straight instead of loosen the curls. Before I got this sew in (that is blessing my life right now) I was using Miss Jessies and twists outs to give me some length. And the poof hairstyle was my best friend, because it gave the illusion that my hair was longer than it really is. Don't fret Toya! Something's bound to work :-)

Oneika said...

Congrats! I agree with the poster above. Don't put the relaxer or texturizer in your hair! It'll mess up your curl pattern and probably make your hair dry. I have a friend who texturizes and every time she redoes her roots it seems to make the curls on her whole head looser.

As for products, I think that simple is best but it really depends on what works for you! I have locs and the only product I use (apart from conditioner and shampoo) is castor oil.

Also, I've added you to my blogroll, I hope you don't mind!

Toya-BGLU said...

Of course we don't mind. Really dig your blog, Oneika. A little jealous of your travel stories too ;).

myeasaa said...

Okay I just want to say that i just found your blog today and finally....a place where as women we can......just be......for your hair on naturallycurly there's a cream shampoo that will also help moisturize your hair.....I appericate your honesty.....

Oneika said...

Thanks, Toya!