Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why I'm going to NKOTBSB or Why I can't be alone with Donnie Wahlberg - Tia

Donnie Wahlberg has been and always will be a problem for me. It started when I was young. He was always my "bad boy" favorite. 

And this right here didn't help. 

Toya almost had to physically pull me away after this picture was taken. He's a problem. In the right wrong circumstances, there's not too much he couldn't get away with with me. This video is helping NO ONE'S cause. Donnie in them jeans is hurting a sistah's walk. 

I probably SHOULDN'T go see the New Kids and BSB. But since we all know that I am, I may just try to get tickets in the back or something. Let me stop lying. I'm calling in every musical favor I have and I'm getting good seats and backstage passes.


AptLife said...

Oh lord, I remember that story and pic!

I want to go, but I'm not crazy about going to concerts by myself. Maybe I can convince my friend (JC/Nsync fan) to come with me.

lei said...

I can't wait for those tickets to drop. Good thing you and I are in differant towns then it might be a problem

Nikki said...

I really wish I could get over my whole disdain for BSB and go but I just can't do it. There's no way I could sit through them. I was already pissed I had to sit through "Shape of My Heart" at the NKOTB Radio City show in June.

And your M&G story always made me laugh. I had one of my own...I totally had the most embarrassing moment of my life that night. I called Joe skinny and didn't realize it. I swore I THOUGHT it but afterwards, my friends told me I'd actually said "Damn, he's skinny" right in front of him. I've never had a brainfart like that.

MaYa Attitude said...

Where do you find these videos?! I have never seen this. Gosh, I can't believe I've found another black woman who feels the same way I feel about DDub. Craziness!! I will be watching the NKOTBSB performance next Sunday on the AMAs. Please let it be good.

Anonymous said... can someone please explain this video,I hope I heard incorrectly.