Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jessie J IS THE TRUTH - Tia

If you're just now hearing about Jessie J aka Jessica Cornish that's your own fault. We here at BGLU try to hip you to the next big thing. We told you about Jessie J months ago. You remember her...she's the girl who sat on the floor in her pajamas and proceeded to sing the paint off of the walls. 

I have been trying to keep an eye on Jessie ever since I saw this video. While she has been working on her album, she hasn't been cranking out singles like I would like her too. So you can imagine how happy I was when a friend of mine dropped this song in my inbox. If it sounds familiar it may be because you heard a snippet of it in Step Up: 3D. (I refuse to watch that on the basis that some stuff shouldn't be in 3D. Looking at you Jaws.) If however, you haven't seen the movie then I'd advise you to take a seat and prepare yourself to be completely FLOORED. This girl is singing notes and hitting riffs that I didn't know were possible. The 3:26 minute mark almost put me UNDER MY DESK. This broad can SANG. Not sing...SANG. I absolutely can not wait for her album to drop. No word yet on a release date, but you can keep tabs on her progress on Facebook or Myspace and at her website:

One more thing, I am NOT feeling her song "Do It Like Dude" but I'm being told that the song is only being released in the UK. Hopefully that's true. But I'm sure if we get it here it will be a hit. *sigh*


Niki said...

DAYUM! I am more and more impressed with this young lady the more I hear from her. Is the industry still interested in a real singer without a "gimmick"? Staying tuned...

Niki said...

Hey ladies,

Here's another artist to add to your "Where the heck was I and what was I doing that was so important that I missed this?' file: Jamie Liddell!

I guess he is most known for the song "Little Bit More" that was featured in commercials a couple of years back. Yes, it's a real song! I have been You Tube-ing him like crazy the past couple of days and my mouth is hanging open! He doesn't look like he should be so soulful--he looks like the type of hipster dude that grown "ironic" facial hair and drinks PBRs--but he sounds like a cross btwn Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Otis Redding! What do those Brits have in the water over there that keeps churning out white soul singers?!

Check out "Figured Me Out", "What's the Use?", "Little Bit of Feel Good" and "Rope of Sand" and tell me that you don't have the urge to download everything he has ever sung! LOL

Nicole said...

OMG, thank you so much for intro'ing me to Jessie J all those months ago. I'd forgotten about her, but I won't ever do that again.

DILaD: Acoustic might be more up your alley. Lyrically I'm still 'eh' but this girl beasts vocally.