Monday, November 22, 2010

Hot Mess Championships: 2010 American Music Awards: Toya

You know how we do. Here’s a play by play on my thoughts during this year’s AMA’s:

  1. I'm really the only one who likes Rihanna's hair aren't I? There's something about Rihanna’s outfit that really makes me wish Neneh Cherry would make a comeback.  Everything in me is fighting to not like this “What’s My Name?” song. And did she get a bit verklempt at the end? Let’s just say she did.
  2. So...wonder what Adam Lambert's doin' at the house tonight. Putting up Christmas decorations? Getting a head start on that green bean casserole for Thanksgiving this week? Just wondering.
  3. I haven't heard Ursh's album so I really don't have anything to say about him winning this award. His Europop/Soul music thing he’s into right now is of no interest to me whatsoever. Also his lyrics are the pits. “She got some boobies like wow oh wow”? >_>  (That’s a side eye).
  4. Nooooooooo to Skating with the Stars!!!
  5. Will.I.Am’s hat: Are...those...LEGGOS???? It's official: I wouldn't mind having too much money.
  6. Enrique just got real confident taking his ear piece out. REAL confident. I see your “I Like It” and I will raise you Ricky Martin’s “Cup of Life” performance at the Grammy’s.
  7. Miley, Stevie Nicks would like to have a word with you after the show. You know what? She’s going through a hard time right now so I will leave her alone. Let’s just say “I see your gypsy”.
  8. They just announced Diddy Dirty Money and by Diddy Dirty Money I hope they mean the return of Total.
  9. Did yall see how fly Taylor Swift looks?!
  10. Who in the front gave Diddy a standing ovation? A seat filler? Cassie?! Cassie working as a seat filler?!?!?!?
  11. There was just a mass exodus to the kitchen when Kid Rock came on.
  12. We’re talking about John Mayer not being there. He only goes to the CMA's where he's welcome. Much like Chris Brown at the BET awards
  13. BEP has the best songs for cardio. "And grapevine left, grapevine and right..."
  14. I voted for Justin Bieber and I'm not ashamed.
  15. You know I love Taylor Swift and she is a true artist but at this point I would not be against her using one of those auto-tuned microphones. She hurts me every time.
  16. Everyone in the room is chipping in to get Katy Perry that song two keys lower for Christmas.
  17. Ok it just got serious. Apparently not only is Justin Bieber playing piano tonight but he is also starting with the man in the mirror and asking him to change his ways. 
  18. Bon Jovi is on! Jersey stand up!!!!
  19. Did Richie Sambora bring his own sound man?
  20. I just explained to Tia that the Tommy & Gina reference in “It's My Life” is from “Living on a Prayer”. "Remember Tommy used to work on the docks?"
  21. That Justin Bieber "Smile" song gives me the giggles and warm fuzzies which is more than what I can say about most of these songs on the radio now that make me want to go to the clinic just in case.
  22. Go Pink!!! This is definitely my favorite performance so far.
  23. So I tweeted for the third year in a row “Yall know Ne-Yo and I go together right?” and got a bunch of responses back from people who thought I was playing. Why is everyone in shock about my crush on Ne-Yo? I'm so serious!
  24. Why is Eminem in the Pop/Rock category? That makes absolutely no sense.
  25. Burlesque 2010= Showgirls 1995. I’m not saying that Christina Aguilera’s performance was as bad as Britney Spear’s tragic comeback performance on the VMA’s a few years back but it was reminiscent. And SOMEBODY needs to tell her that “ha” she does after she thinks she’s nailed a riff is equivalent to high fiving yourself in public.
  26. I can't take anymore of this Europop music. I really can't. Mat Kearney said it best when he said “Remember when you used to buy an album and it had that really weird dance remix at the end? Now that’s all you get.” It’s so true. I don’t hate this “DJ” song by Usher but ugh! I just…*Sigh*
  27. Ne-Yo and Usher make me want to go into a middle school music class tomorrow, gather the kids around and tell stories like “Now class, a long, long time ago in a land far, far away, people used to sing AND dance live on awards shows and do it WELL! No, really. It’s true!”
  28. *@#! I thought they said ADAM Levine not Avril Lavigne!!!! Where is Maroon 5 anyway?
  29. Whatever barber does Mike Posner’s lineup is not a joke, forget what you heard! Is he from Philly? It’s so precise!
  30. I love Train but hey… Soul Brother? Your PANTS!!! I can't!!!
  31. Well Michael Buble’ won instead of Train disproving my "You perform, you win" theory.
  32. We are living in a time where Ke$ha's performance (which I didn’t hate) is better than Christina Aguilera’s. Get ready church. We are in the last and evil days.
  33. Maybe this Gavin Rossdale/Carlos Santana number sounds better live. I'm just trying to be nice.
  34. Why did that guy who just jumped in front of the camera look like Anthony Evans? (I found out later it was).
  35. Back to Skating with the Stars: Does the word "star" mean something else now?
  36. I know some of yall don't like Justin Bieber winning but at least that last award didn’t go to Ke$ha.
  37. I…I’m sorry. Did NKOTBSB just come out stepping to “Atomic Dog”? Can’t you get fined for that?
  38. Ok NKOTB is killing BSB right now. It's not The Temptations and The Four Tops but I'll take it! NKOTBSB!!!
  39. Jordan Knight does not age. I seriously don't understand. I didn’t even holla over him when I was in high school but I surely did just jump off the couch. Those boys look GOOOOOOT (no typo)!
  40. BSB has got to step their game up. I have $20 that says Kevin Richardson, formerly of the Backstreet Boys, DVR’ed that performance and was in the bed at 9 o’clock. He told yall he was too old for this.
  41. That concludes this year's AMA Hot Mess Championships. Favorite performance: Pink "Raise Your Glass".  The floor is now open for comments…


Niki said...

I only watch the NKOTBSB performance (I watch "Dexter" on Sunday nights and could do without another award show). I was a bit taken aback that BSB kind of seemed "low energy" compared to NKOTB. I'm a big BSB fan and think they are all talented guys, but it kind of seemed like their heads were somewhere else. And Jordan Knight DOES NOT AGE! I want some of that secret youth elixir he's been drinking! LOL

Lei said...

"I have $20 that says Kevin Richardson, formerly of the Backstreet Boys, DVR’ed that performance and was in the bed at 9 o’clock. He told yall he was too old for this." Hi-larious! Had to work last night so missed it but will be youtubing it in 5,4,3,2...

Joanne said...

This was an awesome recap, and now I love you guys even more, because you refrenced Mat Kearney. I think i'm the only black girl in Canada who knows who he is.

Burlesque = Moulin Rouge 2010

I love Bieberrrrrrr....

Ursh's album is great for cardio, too.

You are the only one who loves Riri's hair.

>_> to her stylist.

That is all.

Tia said...

In BSB's defense, NKOTB has been on their grind for the last 2-3 years. They've been touring and sailing and such and have had time to get back in shape. BSB just got on board with the tour situation. I figure by the time the summer rolls around they'll have upped their cardio game and will be on point.

I don't think their heads weren't in the game. I think they were just concentrating on remembering the steps and all of the words. :)

AptLife said...

"BSB has got to step their game up. I have $20 that says Kevin Richardson, formerly of the Backstreet Boys, DVR’ed that performance and was in the bed at 9 o’clock. He told yall he was too old for this."

I love BSB, but I am *dead* from this comment. I guess I should just suck it up and catch the performance on yt. With one eye open.

Christina said...

I loved Pink's performance. Also loved NKOTBSB but definitely agree that NKOTB outperformed BSB. BSB does need to step up their game. They seemed a bit nervous. And they can't use the excuse that NKOTB has been grinding the past 2 years because BSB was on tour in 2008 to Spring 2010 too. Come June 2011 they better be ready.

AptLife said...

If Kevin brings his fine self back, BSB has a better chance of getting it together. The five had great chemistry and I have a hard time believing them with just four. This was proven when all five were back together and performing on Oprah a few weeks ago. I won't even lie, my 26 y.o self was cheesing so hard and was waving my hands in the air.

Kevy-Kev, come help your boys on this tour.

lei said...

Please don't hate on me for this. Know that my love for NKOTB runs deep, but BSB are way more talented in the singing department. So they were probably not game to doing "choreography" again. NKOTB only have 2 legit singers so need the other stuff to cover that up. BSB have grown past that. That is one thing I love about them. It is all about the singin', although poor Brian could've used some lemon and honey.

Niki said...

Kevin used to put them in check and had all of them ON POINT! LOL I'm sure fine-as-wine Kevvy-Kev is enjoying time away from the limelight being a full-time husband and daddy, but I admit that I was full of hopeful glee when they were on "Oprah". Hopefully the tour will swing my way so I can bat my eyelashes at Nick "I'm A Grown Man Now, Baby" Carter LOL

AptLife said...

@ Lei, you make a very good point. I don't BSB has worked with Fatima for a few years, so they keep it as simple as they can on stage and focus on harmonies. And lol @ NKOTB 2 legit singers and Brian needing some honey.

@ Niki, yes he did keep them on point! I miss him, but I wish him the absolute best in whatever he does.

You would think with BSB originating in Orlando, they would have a stop there, right? Nope, none in Florida. I think the closest city is Atlanta and I'm seriously not trying to drive there. *weeps*

Lei said...

AptLife, they might suprise you and roll up on your way. Fortunately I have about 3 shows to choose from- 2 in NYC and one in CT. Depending on how my funds are I might hit up 2 of 3.

I saw some promo pics of Kevin from 2 upcoming movies he is doing. I wept inside, hoping it is the movie make-up that is making him look not so good anymore. Him and Brian should win an award for the best chiseled cheekbones-ever!

AptLife said...

@ Lei, I'm really hating on you right now. 3 chances? *sigh* I do hope they add an Orlando location. Shoot, I probably wouldn't mind driving to Tampa for them if they chose there instead. There's still a part of me hoping Kevin would make a surprise appearance and he and Brian can continue dazzling us with those cheekbones.

Ok, I went to his IMDB and saw the promo pics. I definitely say it's make up. He looked good on Oprah and in this recent pic here:

He still looks pretty good for someone chasing around a 3 year old lol

Lei said...

AptLife thanks for the link!

AptLife said...