Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BGLU Approved: "Lay With You" El DeBarge ft. Faith Evans

*Sigh* I promise after I post this I am going on an El DeBarge fast until his album comes out on the 30th.  I have a friend who is a huge D'Angelo fan so much so that every morning for years the first thing he does is look up any new news on him. I am getting almost that serious when it comes to live clips of El DeBarge singing on Youtube because he is just a BEAST! Him coming back to the music scene was like an early Christmas present to me. He is one of our last true soul legends and I could not be more elated about his return. OMG and this HERE?!?!?!?!?

I would have walked on into glory if I would've heard these three (Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, and El DeBarge) sing together. Check out Torrence Glenn's blog over at for more pics from Donna Richardson-Joyner's birthday bash where all of this went down.- Toya


Nicole said...

I've been playing this song, Switch Up the Formats, and 5 Seconds practically nonstop for three days. I'll wake up in the morning, turn them on and listen, go to work, take my break at work listening to them, then come home and listen to them some more. I can't WAIT for this album. Honestly, I was going to buy it regardless, but its already passed that 3-song rule.

pinkwash said...

Looking up news on El everyday is gettin serious with me too. SMH LOL!
Did u happen to watch this?
Lookin forward to more El DeBarge related posts.