Monday, November 22, 2010

Hot Mess Championships: 2010 American Music Awards: Toya

You know how we do. Here’s a play by play on my thoughts during this year’s AMA’s:

  1. I'm really the only one who likes Rihanna's hair aren't I? There's something about Rihanna’s outfit that really makes me wish Neneh Cherry would make a comeback.  Everything in me is fighting to not like this “What’s My Name?” song. And did she get a bit verklempt at the end? Let’s just say she did.
  2. So...wonder what Adam Lambert's doin' at the house tonight. Putting up Christmas decorations? Getting a head start on that green bean casserole for Thanksgiving this week? Just wondering.
  3. I haven't heard Ursh's album so I really don't have anything to say about him winning this award. His Europop/Soul music thing he’s into right now is of no interest to me whatsoever. Also his lyrics are the pits. “She got some boobies like wow oh wow”? >_>  (That’s a side eye).
  4. Nooooooooo to Skating with the Stars!!!
  5. Will.I.Am’s hat: Are...those...LEGGOS???? It's official: I wouldn't mind having too much money.
  6. Enrique just got real confident taking his ear piece out. REAL confident. I see your “I Like It” and I will raise you Ricky Martin’s “Cup of Life” performance at the Grammy’s.
  7. Miley, Stevie Nicks would like to have a word with you after the show. You know what? She’s going through a hard time right now so I will leave her alone. Let’s just say “I see your gypsy”.
  8. They just announced Diddy Dirty Money and by Diddy Dirty Money I hope they mean the return of Total.
  9. Did yall see how fly Taylor Swift looks?!
  10. Who in the front gave Diddy a standing ovation? A seat filler? Cassie?! Cassie working as a seat filler?!?!?!?
  11. There was just a mass exodus to the kitchen when Kid Rock came on.
  12. We’re talking about John Mayer not being there. He only goes to the CMA's where he's welcome. Much like Chris Brown at the BET awards
  13. BEP has the best songs for cardio. "And grapevine left, grapevine and right..."
  14. I voted for Justin Bieber and I'm not ashamed.
  15. You know I love Taylor Swift and she is a true artist but at this point I would not be against her using one of those auto-tuned microphones. She hurts me every time.
  16. Everyone in the room is chipping in to get Katy Perry that song two keys lower for Christmas.
  17. Ok it just got serious. Apparently not only is Justin Bieber playing piano tonight but he is also starting with the man in the mirror and asking him to change his ways. 
  18. Bon Jovi is on! Jersey stand up!!!!
  19. Did Richie Sambora bring his own sound man?
  20. I just explained to Tia that the Tommy & Gina reference in “It's My Life” is from “Living on a Prayer”. "Remember Tommy used to work on the docks?"
  21. That Justin Bieber "Smile" song gives me the giggles and warm fuzzies which is more than what I can say about most of these songs on the radio now that make me want to go to the clinic just in case.
  22. Go Pink!!! This is definitely my favorite performance so far.
  23. So I tweeted for the third year in a row “Yall know Ne-Yo and I go together right?” and got a bunch of responses back from people who thought I was playing. Why is everyone in shock about my crush on Ne-Yo? I'm so serious!
  24. Why is Eminem in the Pop/Rock category? That makes absolutely no sense.
  25. Burlesque 2010= Showgirls 1995. I’m not saying that Christina Aguilera’s performance was as bad as Britney Spear’s tragic comeback performance on the VMA’s a few years back but it was reminiscent. And SOMEBODY needs to tell her that “ha” she does after she thinks she’s nailed a riff is equivalent to high fiving yourself in public.
  26. I can't take anymore of this Europop music. I really can't. Mat Kearney said it best when he said “Remember when you used to buy an album and it had that really weird dance remix at the end? Now that’s all you get.” It’s so true. I don’t hate this “DJ” song by Usher but ugh! I just…*Sigh*
  27. Ne-Yo and Usher make me want to go into a middle school music class tomorrow, gather the kids around and tell stories like “Now class, a long, long time ago in a land far, far away, people used to sing AND dance live on awards shows and do it WELL! No, really. It’s true!”
  28. *@#! I thought they said ADAM Levine not Avril Lavigne!!!! Where is Maroon 5 anyway?
  29. Whatever barber does Mike Posner’s lineup is not a joke, forget what you heard! Is he from Philly? It’s so precise!
  30. I love Train but hey… Soul Brother? Your PANTS!!! I can't!!!
  31. Well Michael Buble’ won instead of Train disproving my "You perform, you win" theory.
  32. We are living in a time where Ke$ha's performance (which I didn’t hate) is better than Christina Aguilera’s. Get ready church. We are in the last and evil days.
  33. Maybe this Gavin Rossdale/Carlos Santana number sounds better live. I'm just trying to be nice.
  34. Why did that guy who just jumped in front of the camera look like Anthony Evans? (I found out later it was).
  35. Back to Skating with the Stars: Does the word "star" mean something else now?
  36. I know some of yall don't like Justin Bieber winning but at least that last award didn’t go to Ke$ha.
  37. I…I’m sorry. Did NKOTBSB just come out stepping to “Atomic Dog”? Can’t you get fined for that?
  38. Ok NKOTB is killing BSB right now. It's not The Temptations and The Four Tops but I'll take it! NKOTBSB!!!
  39. Jordan Knight does not age. I seriously don't understand. I didn’t even holla over him when I was in high school but I surely did just jump off the couch. Those boys look GOOOOOOT (no typo)!
  40. BSB has got to step their game up. I have $20 that says Kevin Richardson, formerly of the Backstreet Boys, DVR’ed that performance and was in the bed at 9 o’clock. He told yall he was too old for this.
  41. That concludes this year's AMA Hot Mess Championships. Favorite performance: Pink "Raise Your Glass".  The floor is now open for comments…

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BGLU Approved: "Lay With You" El DeBarge ft. Faith Evans

*Sigh* I promise after I post this I am going on an El DeBarge fast until his album comes out on the 30th.  I have a friend who is a huge D'Angelo fan so much so that every morning for years the first thing he does is look up any new news on him. I am getting almost that serious when it comes to live clips of El DeBarge singing on Youtube because he is just a BEAST! Him coming back to the music scene was like an early Christmas present to me. He is one of our last true soul legends and I could not be more elated about his return. OMG and this HERE?!?!?!?!?

I would have walked on into glory if I would've heard these three (Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, and El DeBarge) sing together. Check out Torrence Glenn's blog over at for more pics from Donna Richardson-Joyner's birthday bash where all of this went down.- Toya

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why I Watch Glee - Tia

As you already know I'm a self professed Gleek. I have loved this show from the beginning. And I don't mind that I'm probably not their target demographic. I LOVE this show in a special kind of way. I mean, I was a Cheerio for Halloween. I'm. A. Fan.

The musical numbers on this show never cease to amaze me. When they did River Deep, Mountain High I was ecstatic. That is one of my favorite songs of all time. But while I am often blown away by a lot of the songs, there are times when I couldn't care less about others. So last week when I read they were doing Teenage Dream, I wasn't really moved. To be quite honest, I don't really care for the song. Or at least I didn't until I saw tonight's episode.

I watched Glee at my friend's house and after seeing this performance I wanted to excuse myself so that I could come home and download the song IMMEDIATELY.

You know you're doing something when you can make me care about a song that I didn't previously like. They killed...KILLED this song. I don't know who that little boy is who's singing lead but I hope he becomes a regular. His voice is SICK.

While I'm not a huge fan of some of the story lines, (Am I just out of touch or are the kids at William McKinley High REALLY promiscuous?) it's the music that keeps me watching. So as long as they keep cranking out stuff like this, I will keep watching and iTunes will keep getting my money.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why I'm going to NKOTBSB or Why I can't be alone with Donnie Wahlberg - Tia

Donnie Wahlberg has been and always will be a problem for me. It started when I was young. He was always my "bad boy" favorite. 

And this right here didn't help. 

Toya almost had to physically pull me away after this picture was taken. He's a problem. In the right wrong circumstances, there's not too much he couldn't get away with with me. This video is helping NO ONE'S cause. Donnie in them jeans is hurting a sistah's walk. 

I probably SHOULDN'T go see the New Kids and BSB. But since we all know that I am, I may just try to get tickets in the back or something. Let me stop lying. I'm calling in every musical favor I have and I'm getting good seats and backstage passes.
Jumping the Broom - Tia

I have to be honest with you. I'm not one of those people who goes to see a movie simply because it has a "black cast." While I am all for supporting minorities in the arts, I also am a fan of quality. So don't try to make me feel obligated to see your crappy movie just because we share a similar hue.

But with movies like Soul Plane and The Janky Promoters (a gem of a train wreck I had the pleasure suffering through at a friend's house) it's often hard to get behind movies with black casts (I refuse to call them black movies because I feel that limits the audience. If non-minority movie-goers think it's a "black movie" they'll be less inclined to see it even if the film's message is universal.) So when a movie comes along that protrays people of color in a positive light, I'm usually on board from the start. 

I discovered this trailer via The Game's Facebook page. They had me at Paula Patton. (She and Kerry Washington are my top two girl crushes.)  But after watching the trailer, there was no question that this movie would be getting my $10 on opening night. 

Set in Martha's Vineyard, the movie tells the story of two different families, one wealthy, one working class brought together one weekend for a wedding. The film is packing some serious star power with Angela Bassett and Loretta Devine. And with fantastic comedy actors Mike Epps and Deray "without an arm, I spit" Davis, there are sure to be some seriously funny moments.

I sincerely hope that Tristar puts the promotion machine in high gear for this film. From the trailer, it seems like this movie could have a very broad appeal. And while Paula Patton and Angela Bassett have some crossover appeal, without the proper marketing this film may be relegated to "black movie" status. And from what I've seen so far, that would be a bit of a tragedy.  

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jessie J IS THE TRUTH - Tia

If you're just now hearing about Jessie J aka Jessica Cornish that's your own fault. We here at BGLU try to hip you to the next big thing. We told you about Jessie J months ago. You remember her...she's the girl who sat on the floor in her pajamas and proceeded to sing the paint off of the walls. 

I have been trying to keep an eye on Jessie ever since I saw this video. While she has been working on her album, she hasn't been cranking out singles like I would like her too. So you can imagine how happy I was when a friend of mine dropped this song in my inbox. If it sounds familiar it may be because you heard a snippet of it in Step Up: 3D. (I refuse to watch that on the basis that some stuff shouldn't be in 3D. Looking at you Jaws.) If however, you haven't seen the movie then I'd advise you to take a seat and prepare yourself to be completely FLOORED. This girl is singing notes and hitting riffs that I didn't know were possible. The 3:26 minute mark almost put me UNDER MY DESK. This broad can SANG. Not sing...SANG. I absolutely can not wait for her album to drop. No word yet on a release date, but you can keep tabs on her progress on Facebook or Myspace and at her website:

One more thing, I am NOT feeling her song "Do It Like Dude" but I'm being told that the song is only being released in the UK. Hopefully that's true. But I'm sure if we get it here it will be a hit. *sigh*

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In Today's Signs of the Apocalypse News...

Get right, church. The Lord is strapping up His Birkenstocks and is about to crack the sky!

NKOTB and the Backstreet Boys announced today on Ryan Seacrest's show that they will be touring next summer together as well as performing on the American Music Awards on November 21st. I had NO idea this was even in the works so I'm a little shocked. Now I know that there are people all over the place going "who cares?" but let's be honest: some of us do. Sure, I am going to clown this until I am in the stadium going IN on "Favorite Girl" and "All I Have to Give" but truthfully, I aint mad at it. If El DeBarge can make a triumphant comeback and The Jets can reunite and tour, I say MAKE THAT MONEY YALL! I aint mad at ya. Check out for details.

So what do you all think? Do you think this tour "aint nothin' but a mistake" or will it have "the right stuff"?-Toya