Monday, October 11, 2010

There's Something About Faith - Tia

Okay, I have to be honest. The initial intent of this post was to blast the industry for, per usual, not putting any press behind one of the best R&B singers out today. 

I had no idea that Faith Evans had a new cd out. But I am very aware that Rihanna is working on a new album.  Ke¢ha (she get's no dollar sign from me) just dropped a new video. And Justin Bieber is coming out with a line of finger nail polish based on his songs. (I didn't make that up. Google it if you don't believe me.) All of that to say, when it comes to R&B you basically have to walk nekkid through the streets before people realize you have an album out. 

So that's why I was really surprised, and then subsequently angry, that Faith has a new cd out that I've heard nothing about. I was watching VH1Soul (possibly my favorite station of all time) and the video for "Gone Already" came on. Now, I'm going to be nice and not say anything about the Praise/Drama mimes in the video. (If you've ever been to a black church with a drama team you know exactly what I'm talking about right now.) I'm going to let them slide because I LOVE the song. But trust, the mimes got a side eye out this world when they first came on the screen. 

Based solely on this song, I went out and bought the cd. The problem is I haven't been able to get pass track 6 which is "Gone Already" so I really don't yet know if I like the album or not. So, that being the case, I decided that I would just post my top five favorite Faith songs. I mean, who wants to read another blog about how crappy the music industry is...?

Now I want to start by saying two things: 1. These are in no particular order. 2.) Narrowing down my favorite Faith Evans songs proved to be more difficult than I thought. This woman has HITS!!! A while back Toya and I were talking about artists who need to do greatest hits albums. We finally came to realize that Faith would need to do a greatest hits box set. I mean, everybody has AT LEAST one Faith song they like. 

"Never Gonna Let You Go" might actually be my favorite Faith song. That bridge kills me EVERY TIME. I have car and shower karaoked this song many a time. And you can't tell me I'm not SANGING. When you sing an artist's song hard like YOU wrote it, that's how you know that artist put they thang down. 

Oh and what you need to know is that I watched this 3 times before I moved on to the next video. 

I know it's not too ghetto....OH this is my song!!! Every time I see this video I want to pack up my stuff and move back to Cali.

My little brother is something of a rap snob. But even he respected Faith for putting down her own (albeit brief) flow in this song. You might not love Faith but you GOTTA respect her. 

"Never Gonna Let You Go" may be my favorite Faith song but "Again" is a CLOSE second...possibly even tied for first. The thing I always loved about Faith is that she seems real, like she would be you cousin from around the way. I remember reading a interview in Vibe years ago and the thing that struck me the most is that Faith didn't seem to come off as high and mighty in ANY way...I mean the woman even talked about how her tracks were wiggling every time she scratched her head. A woman that real could be my homegirl ANY DAY. 

"Again" was my theme song for a long time. Something about the way she sings about embracing her past and looking to God for the future resonated so deeply in me that when this song came out I listened to it on repeat for at least a week. 

When the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack came out I laid on the floor and listening to the song on repeat for so many weeks that I lost count. I will never forget it. I was in high school and I was dating Dan Henning. And I also remember having to ADAMANTLY reassure my mother that regardless of my infatuation with the song and with Dan I was NOT having sex. But we were making out a lot...that's neither here nor there.

Okay, I know this isn't technically a Faith song. But no matter how many times I listen to this version of the song I always get the chills during Faith's parts. Besides, she (along with everyone else in the song) won a Grammy for this. And I'm almost positive that it had very little to do with the fact that the song sampled one The Police's best song...very little at all.

I know I said 5 but I wouldn't be a true fan if  I left out "Soon As I Get Home." This also came out when I was in high school. I was dating Shane from Ridge High at the time. (If you haven't already figured it out I associate a lot of music from high school and college with the guy I was dating at the time. That little "technique" almost ruined Carl Thomas for me after a bad break-up but that's another story for another time.) This song is classic 90s R&B. It's the kind of music that you can't help but reminisce about....And since I'm now thinking about my senior year and all of the great music that we listened to that year, I'm going to  go have a glass of wine and make a "High School" Playlist. 

Good night everyone. 


jeanette nicole* said... got me over here at my desk having a Faye Day. She's one of those singers that just punches you in the gut with the emotion she sings. <3 her forever!

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

Thank you for this. The only way I heard about it was from my cousin's mention on Facebook a while back. I definitely have to get it!

Kesia said...

Faith Evans is truly one talented mofo, man. Thank you so much for this article because you brought back so much memories from my childhood. And thank you for making me realize how much Faith has been part of my childhood. I played her last album constantly, and "Again" is an amazing song. Seriously, bless you Faith at just how damn good you are.

Grant Jenkins said...

I do not like the new album at all. I got the deer in headlights look as soon as I read the words "self-produced" in a press release. Then I heard the music and my reluctance was confirmed. But all hateration aside, my favorite Faith song is probably "You Used To Love Me". It was the first and the best, IMHO.