Monday, October 25, 2010

Lip Gloss Love:Jesse's Girl Cosmetics- Toya
A good lip gloss makes me so happy that I have promised myself to buy one every single payday be it from, MAC, Victoria's Secret, or my newest favorite Jesse's Girl. Now if you are an old school BGLU reader you already know that Tia and I are most likely to get behind most things that reference the 80's. So it really should be no wonder that when I heard about this line I couldn't wait to know more about it.

I was at dinner with Melanie The Wise Pixie when I realized that I made that dreadful mistake of downsizing from a bigger bag to a smaller one and had not brought my lip gloss. Melanie being the kind hearted friend that she is offered me this little tube of happiness:

"Oh my gosh, where did you get this?" I shrieked. "Yeah I thought of you when I bought it." she said, no doubt referring to the infamous story of when Tia and drove to St. Louis to fulfill my pre-teen dream of seeing Rick Springfield. She bought it at the Rite-Aid around the way and I made a mental note to go there as soon as I could. It only took one try and Jesse's Girl Lip Juice easily became my current  favorite drugstore lip gloss.

It's not easy for me to find a good lip gloss sometimes. Reason being, my lips are dark and often the color of most lip glosses doesn't show up on me as one would think when looking at the packaging. However, this little $3 tube of joy packs so much color that I didn't even need a lip liner. It goes right on perfectly. And if you didn't know already, Melanie and I (seen in this picture together) look like "Sunrise/Sunset" so it pretty much works well with any skin tone. She let me keep her tube and I have been hooked ever since.

I headed over to the Rite-Aid over in her neck of the woods on Friday Rodriguez (my affectionate term for Friday paydays that I love about as much as Adam Rodriguez) and saw that they have all kinds of lip glosses. I picked up this fun sparkly tube called Formula 13 Lip Gloss in Strawberry for $4.99.

No lie, I put it on in the car because I needed some, looked in the mirror, and then got out of the car to go get the Black Cherry formula because I liked it so much. I have been rocking it with MAC's Chestnut lip liner pencil and it really is the perfect red for me which I have been desperately looking for this season. There are a few minor drawbacks though: Once I wipe my mouth it is a little hard to wipe the glitter off of my face. Another thing is that the consistency may be a little thick for some but I actually like that so it's all good. I am pretty sure come next Friday Rodriguez I will be back at Rite Aid trying another color.

Be sure to follow Jesse's Girl Cosmetics on Twitter (@IWantJessesGirl) as they are having a contest right now for their 1000th follower. To enter, new followers must tweet "I followed @ thanks to ____" for their chances to win a prize pack of their lipglosses, eyeshadows, nail polishes and other fun products. Hey, we wouldn't be mad if you told them that @BGLUBlg sent you. Not mad at all.

Have you tried Jesse's Girl Cosmetics? Let us know what you think.


GG said...

I've been buying a new lipgloss every payday too! Either lipgloss or lip/eyeliner. Oh, or eyeshadow stick. You get the point. I'm trying to save and be minimal with my spending so this is a way to still treat myself to soemthing fun and girlie without breaking the bank. I haven't tried this or seen this line, but it looks fab. I'm going to head to Rite Aid this weekend! **adding this to my list of weekend errands**

Kamran said...

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Leslie said...

Do you guys like Milani cosmetics? I LOVE THEM. My favorite drug store brand.

ToyaBGLU said...

Hi Leslie. I haven't tried them yet. What are your favorite products in their line?